Energy Reading for October

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This month is all about taking charge of your own destiny in the light of the alterations that have taken place in the life you live on a daily basis. For many of you, your day-to-day existence has changed substantially. This may have been disorientating, may have been a bigger shift than any you have experienced in recent times. And yet, although this has been challenging, it has also freed you to approach your world in ways that you would not before have accomplished.
This is your new beginning. It will be what you make of it. Are you ready to take control of your own actions, take control of your own desires and dreams and to attempt to bring them into reality?

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Cosy Chat with “Britain’s Leading Crystal Expert”, Philip Permutt

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Philip Permutt “Britain’s leading crystal expert” (Daily Mail) “Bonafide crystal expert” (Daily Express), author The Crystal Healer, crystal and meditation teacher. Latest book The Crystal Healer:Volume 2 Philip Permutt’s other books include The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing, The Book of Crystal Grids,The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Tips & Cures, The Crystal Tarot, The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Healing, Sacred Stones and Crystals (with Lyn Palmer).  Philip Permutt’s Audio recordings include Meditation Workshop, The Little Meditation Album, The Little Chakra Meditation Album, The Little Reiki Meditation Album, The Little Sleep Meditation Album, The Little Crystal Meditation Album, The Little Spirit Guide Meditation Album, Meditation Nights – Angels of the Rainbow Waterfall, Crystal Workshop, Reiki Workshop Watch my cosy chat with leading crystal expert Philip Permutt and find out why crystals can be described as living beings, what drew a scientist to the world of crystals and healing, and which crystals might help you alleviate stress, panic attacks and chronic pain. Philip sells some amazing crystals in his shop and online, offers healing sessions, runs training courses and workshops, and has a number of books and meditation CDs. Philips latest release, The Crystal Healer volume 2 is available now. Do visit his website, or find him on Facebook or Amazon.   Photographs are copyright of Philip Permutt.  Video is copyright of Martha Dunlop.  The books and crystals, (where available) can be purchased at  

Mabon thoughts from pagan photographer Kim Griffin

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Slowly a dying hush like a blanket of mist falls across a sleepy earth. The descending darkness embraces the great mother and sleep calls her whispering on an autumn breeze. Trees bow down as she passes a last blaze of finery and coppery gold leaves slip gently floating to the ground a patchwork of a fading summer.

The best time of the year for me is autumn . A time to go inwards and reflect on the past year – roaring fires and darkness. Evenings lit by glowing candles and reading ghost stories. Walking in a silent woodland leaves crunching underfoot and the smell of the earth’s sleep. Spindly spiky boughs over head ghost-like against grey skies, always beautiful, somehow more evocative than summer.

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