Energy Reading for September 2018

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Channelled from The Light Circle.  

And Breathe.  

The last few months have brought change of an even higher order than you have been accustomed to.  

These weeks that you have lived through have left you feeling stuck, overturned, undone and pitched forward into the unknown in a way that has terrified many. 

Those who considered themselves awakened have had their processess and assumptions challenged and called into question, their beliefs shaken and their patience stretched to the limit.  Many others have been pitched forward into the awakening process, or have seen this journey accelerated.  

Patterns you thought long dealt with have come back up for re-examination.  Changes you thought had bedded in have come up for question and you have been left feeling adrift. Do not fight this.  This moment of being unanchored gives you a new kind of freedom, of opportunity, that you may find frightening, but which opens up your future in ways you have not anticipated.  

The new normal starts here.  What are you going to do with it? Are you going to allow the anger and fear that have accompanied the death process to create what you birth? Or are you going to step out into the unknown with a sense of anticipation about what might happen? 

There is so much potential in this moment.  You have the opportunity to take huge strides forward, to integrate parts of your soul that felt unreachable or long lost. You have the ability to step out of your norm and to see what was previously obscured, to feel what was locked away and to walk where you were unable to tread.  

Or, you can stay locked in fear and anger, and you can create from that place of stuckness.    


This summer, you were in a moment of pause.  The retrogrades have turned the focus inwards even as you longed for outward change to manifest.  

If you have allowed it, that which you no longer need has dropped away.  If you are still clinging to that which drags you down, take a step back.  Check that you are really following it for the right reasons and not coming from a place of fear at the unknown.  

What is coming will be newer, brighter than shinier than you expect.  It may be a reinvention of the old, or something entirely new and different.  Either way, if you allow this cleansing process it will bring you greater clarity than you have had at your disposal.  

This month of September is a watershed moment.  You have passed through the fires of the eclipses, faced the challenges head on, and now you have the choice of whether to hold yourself in this place of pause, or to step forward into the new.  This is a choice.  You may have felt buldozed by what has come to pass, but how long you take to process it is up to you.  This will determine your pace of change, and if you follow your highest heart you will end up on your right trajectory.  

Looking forward, what do you see? Is it a road you are ready to walk? Is it of your choosing? If not, how might you make this future feel more aligned to you and the choices you make in your life?  Nothing is set in stone. The choices you make can be aligned with your path or they can take you in an opposite direction, but know that alignment is the easiest, most comfortable way. 


The path you chose before birth is opening up before you. You can step forward or you can wait.  You can make this the most gloriously manifested moment of your true being, or you can keep playing in the shadows, pretending to be something you're not.  

Authenticity is a process that is calling you forwards, stripping back all the illusion that held you stuck, and presenting you with the opportunity to be your best self.  The more authentic you are, the more you draw in that which is aligned to you.  The more you shine your light, the more your tribe will come to you.  Try not to fear.  Try not to lose faith in yourself.  Although the last weeks have been trying and have pushed your self confidence and your trust in others to the limit, there is now the space to develop a newer understanding of yourself and others that allows you to create more honest, more aligned and more nurturing relationships.  

If people are trying to leave your life, let them.  The chances are they have been bringing grief and anxiety into your consciousness for a while.  If people are trying to come in, view them from your heart, without prejudice.  Not everyone is who you thought they were, so realise that those you may not have welcomed in before may be the best people to have in your life.  If your friendships have not been enough, allow them to be different. 

You are well and truly out of your comfort zone so look after yourself.  Allow yourself the space, time and attention so that you are in the best possible place to hold an open mind for all that is to come.  Try to approach life like a child, assuming that things are as they should be, but hold what you have learned about inauthenticity in your consciousness so you know when to walk away.  

It is a good moment to be a wiser, more open and more discerning version of yourself.  Do it with love, do it with trust and do it from your heart.  Know what is for you, and what is not and allow yourself to find out what is really waiting for you around the next corner.  


I have used the Tarot of the Elves by Mark McElroy with artwork by David Corsi. Published by Lo Scarabeo and available from Amazon

Other pictures are from, 37959342 and 6848390. 

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