Energy Reading for August 2018

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Channelled from The Light Circle.  

Welcome to the new, Dear Ones.  As you pass through this series of Eclipses, you travel through a wall of fire, which acts as a transformation, taking you from one reality into the next.  This is a process of purification, of burning away your patterns at a faster rate than you have experienced before.  It is a process of reunification between you and those you believed you had lost, linking you  with your loved ones and your ancestors, dissolving the barrier between you and ‘The Other Side.’ In fact, you have always been united, but this veil has seemed insurmountable, so that many of you were unaware of the connection. 

Know now how much support you have.  Know now that you are a part of a celestial team that is raising the consciousness of the world at this time.  Know now that although these energies feel challenging and raw, they are in fact a purification that leads you onwards, raises you higher into a level of consciousness that you have long awaited. 

Many will look for this to be an end process, a nirvana, but of course this is not the case, because there are always many things to learn at every level and this perception that you will reach this end point is based in your old conditioning.  Instead, this is a new unification of flow, of oneness that will carry you forwards into your next stages. 

For some this will be more challenging as the process of breaking down barriers leaves people raw and exposed.  Others will experience unity with the whole, with flow, receiving the support they have dreamed of. And there will be those for whom it will feel obvious and natural, an extension of where they were before. 


Look at your life.  Look at the patterns that are arising now and see how they interact with your history.  Be honest with yourself.  Have you always been as you perceived, or are there facets of yourself that you had not noticed before? Can you come to any new level of understanding of yourself, based on the experiences and energies that you are currently immersed in? 

You are on a cosmic journey of profound strength.  You are part of a process that will lift the world, but as such you are channelling and releasing much conditioning, both from your own personal history, and on behalf of society as a whole. 

Do not be surprised if old issues come up to be readdressed.  Do not be surprised if you find yourself processing ancestral wounds that you thought you had acclimatised to, or that you did not feel were relevant to you.  Do not be surprised if your boat is rocked more than it has been before, or if structures that felt firm and unyielding now prove to be as soft and malleable as warm butter. 

This is a time of endings and beginnings, of clearing and manifestation.  It is a time of shining your own unique light and flowing with the oneness of the universe.  It is a time of contrast and of unity, a time to be with all the contradictions and surprises of life and a time to go deep within yourself to find your own centre. 

There is much that can distract you right now.  There are many energies that are being released, that can surround you and attach to your brightening light.  This can be uncomfortable, it can slow things down and be a distraction, so keep clearing.  Keep meditating.  Keep finding that time and space to be in your light, to clear your home and to recognise whether or not you are being hindered.  Smudge your surroundings.  See yourself flooded by white light and watch as any dark patches are washed away.  Know that whatever happens you are able to reclaim the peace and balance that is yours. 


As you move through the month of August and come to the end of the season of Leo, you will pass through the fires into a greater process of grounding, of bringing this new light and inspiration into your physical life, into your Ascending world.  The changes take place internally and then you have the opportunity to fight them, or to manifest them into your life so that you are able to assimilate and move on to the next level. 

This process of assimilation and manifestation is growing ever faster. Your own ability to grow and to create your reality is expanding faster than you have ever experienced. This is exciting and it can be challenging, but this process of grounding and bringing the light into your physical world helps you to adjust to the changes, and to welcome in the new. 

If you try to hold onto the old whilst ascending in your mind and heart, then the dissonance between your realities becomes too great and the stress levels increase.  By continually grounding your advancements, your realisations and learning into your physical world, you remain connected and allow yourself to fulfil your own potential as never before.

This is your time to rise.  This is your time to shine. This is your time to become all that you dreamed of and thought you could never be.  This is the time to claim the dreams that you thought were out of this world.  Bring them into your daily life, ground them and make them real.  These energies are here for you.  Take them and use them wisely. 


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