Energy Reading for July 2018

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Channelled from The Light Circle. 

The waters of July have the ability to sweep through the current landscape of chaos like a tidal wave, clearing the path for something new.

You are currently living in a space where clarity is limited, where feelings are paramount, and where it can be hard to make sense of the barrage of emotions. This lack of clarity feels like a negative. It is confusing, destabilising, and calls into question everything that you have relied upon. In fact, however, this is an intense clearing process, necessary in order to make the space for the level of change that is on offer at this time.

It is always easier to remain as you are. It is always easier to hold tight and fight the changes that are there for you to embrace. However right now this stability that you have lived by is being challenged, uprooted, in order to create the space for a new beginning that is beyond anything you could have imagined from the safety and stability of the past.

It is time for a new way of thinking. It is time to allow in the inspiration and excitement of something new, whatever that may be. Only you know what this new truth is. Only you can judge what is in your current timeline, and what is aligned for your path. Follow your heart. At this moment of high sensitivity, of heart-based energy, and of increased intuition, your feelings can lead the way more accurately than your thought processes. This season of Cancer is instrumental in enabling you to feel through the process of chaos in order to move into this next time of inspiration, forward movement and direction.


Though the way is not clear, your heart knows how to move through this time of indecision. With everyone coming from a place of high emotion, communications can feel confrontational at this time. Try to detach yourself from that which does not apply to you. Allow others to express, however hold onto your own sense of truth and what is right for you. There is no need to control, there is no need to judge, there is no need to allow others to get into your system in any way that is uncomfortable or counter-productive to you.

This is a good time to practice your psychic protection techniques. Wear crystals, smudge sage, imagine the light surrounding you and see your own energy filling the space that you inhabit. Be strong in yourself and your knowledge of what is right for you. Be strong in your heart, offering love and support to those in need, however do not take on their conflict and distress as your own. This can be hard in this watery atmosphere, and yet the cancer energy allows you to sweep away these conflicts through the power of love, as long as you give yourself the chance to remain strong and healthy rather than becoming burdened by energies that can seem overwhelming.

A new start is close. New inspiration is close. Open to these possibilities. This would be a good time to create your own personal ritual where you invite in the inspiration that can guide you forwards to your next step. There is magic in the air and yet, at this time, those who are feeling waterlogged may not be able to light this match. Allow the water to flow. Allow the fire to burn. You can hold both within your energy by sinking into your heart and allowing it to lead the way.


This is a process, and one that you cannot control as much as you would like. However this lack of control is also what allows you to clear the old patterns that have been holding you back. It allows you to clear the connections you hold with others, and the structures that you have been creating around you.

Relationships are changing and transforming at a high level, as any lack of authenticity is being brought under the microscope. That which was hidden is now coming into the light, and people are being forced to acknowledge what they could previously ignore. Much is coming up for examination, for transformation and for clearing or integration. Much will become clear that was previously unknown and this enables you to choose what you allow into your system, into your community, into your life. As the control structures shift, you are able to find your own way through this maze to discover the way that ultimately works best for you, whatever this may be.

It may feel very hard to decipher your best way forward and yet, at this time, your heart is your best guide. Focus in on what ‘feels’ right to you. This may be a complete change, it may be a transformation, or it may be a sinking into yourself and realigning with those around you. Only you know what is right for you at this time. Do not allow others to muddy your waters, but rather come from your own heart and commit fully to the dream that you would like to create.


For this reading I used the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti and Barbara Moore, published by Llewellyn Publications,U.S. and available on Amazon.  

Other pictures are from, numbers 8841506 and 33508782.  

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