Energy Reading for July 2018

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The waters of July have the ability to sweep through the current landscape of chaos like a tidal wave, clearing the path for something new. You are currently living in a space where clarity is limited, where feelings are paramount, and where it can be hard to make sense of the barrage of emotions. This lack of clarity feels like a negative. It is confusing, destabilising, and calls into question everything that you have relied upon. In fact, however, this is an intense clearing process, necessary in order to make the space for the level of change that is on offer at this time. It is always easier to remain as you are. It is always easier to hold tight and fight the changes that are there for you to embrace. However right now this stability that you have lived by is being challenged, uprooted, in order to create the space for a new beginning that is beyond anything you could have imagined from the safety and stability of the past.

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