Energy Reading for June 2018

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There is the potential for great change and transformation in June, if you are able to harness the power of your own thoughts and manifest the energy that leads you down the path of your true desires.

Mental energy is high this month, and with it comes the possibility of great manifestation, but also of great self-sabotage.  Where you go with your thoughts, your fears, your feelings is up to you.  Yes, you are subject to the things that are taking place around you, but how you interact with them on a daily basis, how you interact with them through your mind and your energy is entirely within your control. 

This mental interaction can create a fog that acts like a barrier between you and the world you want to manifest. Creation energy is high this month, the ability to begin or complete something that has been long in the works is high. But this fog that hangs between you and completion is no small thing. 

The temptation is to see this as an awful time, to see the obstacles that keep coming your way as all-consuming and insurmountable.  Instead try, if you can, to see the good around you, and to recognise that it is your choice where you focus. 

There is real potential for growth, for development, indeed for real world success at this time.  There is great possibility for the new journey you have been seeking for some time.  Embrace it.  Welcome it in.  Acknowledge the blockages that seek to derail you, honour them, and then take away their power to control you.  You can give focus to your grief, then give focus to your dreams without one sabotaging or undermining the other. 

This is a time of conscious choice, of accepting the flow of life that comes your way, whilst stepping into your power and acknowledging your own part in shaping your destiny. 


You are not the weak observer of what ‘happens to you’, neither are you in complete control.  Instead you are walking the path you set for yourself before you were inhibited by the desires and fears of this Earth Plane existence, learning the lessons you set out for yourself.  You can learn these lessons, or you can tense against them.  Either road is possible, but one is a lot more comfortable than the other.

Know that your path is always open to you, every day of your life.  There is no moment when that path is barred.  There is always the chance that you may have misunderstood the direction in which your journey is due to take you, but if you can just allow yourself to re-adjust, to accept the new challenges that come your way, then you will make the most of them and achieve the learning you are here for. 

This time is full of authenticity and it is full of illusion. It is full of the best of human kindness, and the most uncomfortable of manipulation.  Do not allow others to hold control over your energy, your thoughts or your feelings. Do not give them the power to say no to your dreams.  Instead, take that step.  Know that your journey is there for you, waiting to begin.  Know that you are about to create something fabulous, something you have been waiting for and that you are perfectly situated to manifest.

Use the tools at your disposal.  Stop hiding your light. Instead, let it shine out bright, showing the world who you are and what you have come to create.

Give your anger, grief, sadness and fear time to be. Allow yourself to feel them, and to release.  Experience them and all the lessons they offer, but do not allow them to lead the way.  Instead, allow them to flow through and invite the light to fill the space they leave behind. 


I used the Dragon Tarot by Nigel Suckling and illustrated by Roger and LInda Garland.  It is published by Cico Books and available on Amazon here. 

The picture is from, image 42151853.  

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