The Big Bad Wolf, a Cosy Chat with YA Romance Author, Anna Katmore

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I’m an Austrian lass—totally uncomplicated and up to anything fun. I grew up in Vienna – not by free will but because my parents decided to move there when I was only 4 years old. I. Hated. The. City. Everything about it. So right after graduation I moved back to the country side, where I settled down with a nice husband and an awesome laptop. (The laptop came first!} I’ve been a storyteller all my life. Already in kindergarten, I came up with the most exotic fantasies and tales. My teacher back then called me a liar. Today, I call it the cornerstone of my writing career.

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Energy Reading for June 2018

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There is the potential for great change and transformation in June, if you are able to harness the power of your own thoughts and manifest the energy that leads you down the path of your true desires.Mental energy is high this month, and with it comes the possibility of great manifestation, but also of great self-sabotage. Where you go with your thoughts, your fears, your feelings is up to you. Yes, you are subject to the things that are taking place around you, but how you interact with them on a daily basis, how you interact with them through your mind and your energy is entirely within your control. This mental interaction can create a fog that acts like a barrier between you and the world you want to manifest. Creation energy is high this month, the ability to begin or complete something that has been long in the works is high. But this fog that hangs between you and completion is no small thing.

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