Energy Reading for May 2018

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Channelled from The Light Circle.

As the frenetic activity of April dies down, there will be a lull as people adjust to the changes in the landscape. This has been a dynamic period of change, of unrest, of destabilising behaviour and occurrences. As you move into May the energy changes, shifts, to one of assimilation.

Many of you have been triggered by events of the past few weeks. Although a certain amount of releasing may have taken place, there has been a tendency to tense into the strain and to therefore hold onto the patterns that have come up for renewal. This period in May will allow you the time, the structure, to adjust and absorb the differences in your life environment. The challenge is now to relax into the feelings that have arisen, to allow them to flow through and release. Understand their origin and their impact on and you and your energy field. Recognise the learning that is in every situation, even if you previously perceived it as happening ‘to you’.

There is always a tendency on your earth plane to allocate blame, to look for an easy way to extract yourself from any given situation whilst making sure it ‘was not your fault.’ Within the Taurean energy people often become stuck and this will be exacerbated by any instances of blame, of passing the buck, of not taking responsibility for your own actions. This includes situations that may not be your ‘fault’, in that you may not have taken the action that precipitated them.  However this view of ‘fault’ is becoming outdated. 

It is not about taking blame on yourself, rather it is about accepting that there is no blame, that it is irrelevant, and that in order to move forward you need to see beyond this third density pattern and move into a place of oneness, of understanding, of compassion and kindness.

Only from a place of kindness, from a place of love, can you really transcend these current patterns and move into peace and understanding. As long as you look for the negative, as long as you seek to blame, as long as you look for oppression, for conspiracy, for intentional hurt, as long as these things are your focus you will remain in your own constriction. In order to find your light, you need to forgive yourself for all those moments you blame yourself for. Forgive others for the hurts you perceive them to have forced upon you. Forgive the world for being the messy and unstable place that it is.


All of you are on different journeys. There is no way to marry up the actions of all of these diverse beings and groups. You are glorious in your differentness, in your multiculturalism, in your varied ways of perceiving and experiencing the world. Only in understanding,  in inclusiveness, can you truly step into this next phase. As long as you seek to categorise, to limit, to ensure that you and others fit within specific boundaries that have been set for you, you limit your own experience of the world, of the universe, of life.

The challenge of this time in Taurus is to break free of the habits, of the expectations, of the patterns that you have set for yourself. Here is an opportunity to transcend the third density patterns that have been holding you back.

There is no end to development, there is no end to wisdom, there is no end to the discovery that the Universe is greater than you thought.  There is no point at which you can say, ‘right, I am done, I understand it all now.’  For there is always more to learn at every stage.
If you judge, you recognise a gap in your own understanding of the world.  You recognise a gap in your perception of people and the hearts that lead them. You recognise a gap in your own perception of troubles people may be encountering and weaknesses they might experience. Please remember that these perceived weaknesses are in fact their lessons, their life path, the reason they incarnated. They may be facing demons that you do not experience, but you in turn have your own troubles that they will not need to consider. 

The Universe is a glorious maze of different paths, all leading to the same centre, the same point of unification.  Which path you take is irrelevant. How long you take is irrelevant All that really matters is that you get there in your own way and your own time. Each step is a learning process, and the less you judge the more open you remain, the more fully you are able to assimilate the lesson.

This is a time of new perspectives, of recognising that the lessons may not look as you expected them to appear.  You may have to adjust in ways that you never thought necessary, and you may be offered opportunities that leave you speechless.  Everything is open, anything is achievable as long as you step forward on your path and are open to all the possibilities the world has to offer.


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