Energy Reading for April 2018

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Channelled from The Light Circle.

As you begin this astrological New Year, many ideas and patterns have come up for re-examination. Many issues have come to light. This past month has been a swirling mass of emotion, of sensitivity, and of being impacted by the world and the energies around you. This process has been helpful in its way, and yet now is a good time to focus in on the things that are of most benefit to you.

Look at your thoughts, look at your feelings, look at the emotions that have been overwhelming you, swamping you or causing your brain to run on over-time. Which of these are helpful, if any? Have you come out of this time with ideas that can help you move forward, or are they just holding you back from the path you know you want to walk? Your answers will vary. There is no one way that this will manifest.

For some, ideas that have come up will have been deep and full of potential. You will have received inspiration that will help you move forwards in ways that you had not previously envisaged. For others, you will have been swamped with grief, with guilt, or with patterns and feelings that may come from your own history, or from those around you.

The Internet is a good illustration. There are many posts that demand compassion from all those who read them, and yet they also bring up a rising tide of grief. Where you can help, allow in these feelings. If you cannot, allow yourself to step away, to direct your energy to where it can be truly beneficial.

This process of choosing where to focus is important at this time of rebirth. As the seeds begin to grow, your thoughts also blossom into actions, into decisions, into a focus on where you want to take this time in your life.

There is much chaos in your world right now, and there is therefore much potential to focus on the grief, on the confusion, and on the fear. However what you need most, at this time in your earth year is the light that comes with hope, with knowingness, and with belief that things can and will go well. This optimism shines light on the seeds that you plant, allowing them to grow. What you allow into your world, into your thought planes at this time is crucial in terms of what you will create later in this year.


We have said so often that you are in a time of increased manifestation and yet each day this power increases. If you believe  your world must be filled with chaos then you will live in chaos. If you believe your path is on a downward spiral then you will walk downwards. Instead focus on the light, focus on what you dream of, focus on what you feel to be true in your soul. This truth, this authenticity is what will lead you to your greatest reality.

Your way forward this month, your way into action, comes through this process of sorting through your thoughts and your fears, and establishing where to put your focus. In this month, action will build. It will not start at full strength, but will gradually increase as you formulate your intentions and focus on them with greater and greater intensity. The fire is there this month, however it is in a more internal form. It will either burn away resistance to your dreams or, indeed, your belief in your own potential. You must choose which thoughts, which reality, you are prepared to let go of. Your thought processes in this time will be a game changer.

What you bring in during this period will have strength, it will have fire, and it will have determination. It will have the potential to lead you forward in ways that you had not previously conceived. However, it could equally leave you wracked with guilt and doubt if you choose to focus on fear-based beliefs.

The choice of where to focus is key.
You are at the cusp of moving into something new, something that has been a part of you for longer than you have been aware, and yet it has remained hidden from your conscious thoughts. It has been waiting for the right moment to send up shoots. As the third density conditioning patterns are reducing, are being cleared, there is space for greater growth, and for a greater recognition of your own potential and your own possibilities. Real-world possibilities, real-world changes, are within reach if you choose to take them. You can use the inward focus of your thoughts to manifest that which is aligned with your path and your dreams. And yet, you must take responsibility for the direction of your thoughts, and for your own determination to make your dreams happen.

It is always possible to sabotage yourself with your thoughts. As you move into higher and higher vibrational levels, and energy becomes more and more responsive, this potential for sabotage increases. However, it does not have to be this way. Deal with issues as they arise, allow your emotions to flow through and release. By looking honestly and openly at the issues that hold you back, that keep you down, you can begin to lighten the load and learn to fly. Manifest those wings,  take to the sky and know you are strong enough not to fall.


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  1. I can very much relate to this reading . My life is changing rapidly i have never known anything like this I have so much energy and feel excited and as I said energised . I am choosing to be positive and step away from chaos which I have lived with for a long while and focus on all the good in my life . What is startling is that all this has happened without to much effort it’s just like I have woken up !

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