Mind, Matter, or Both?

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‘Mind over matter,’ someone said to me recently. 

I’ve lived by that mantra my whole life. I know my mind is powerful, yours is too.  Even when our minds are using their power in unhelpful ways, they still display super-human strength our bodies can only marvel at.    

In spirituality we’re constantly harnessing that power, but there is a well-recognised tendency to focus on the higher chakras to the detriment of our body.  I am not innocent of that. 

Unfortunately we tend to carry on with this Mind over Matter theory until we’re forced out of it.  It’s such a cultural norm that we don’t even notice how unhelpful it is.  We persuade ourselves it’s a good thing, that it’s weak to do anything else.

But what does it really help us achieve?  Is it helping us go after our dreams or just enabling us to keep our head above water in a world where we expect ever more of ourselves and others? And what would really happen if we allowed ourselves to sink and had a good look at what was below the surface? 

That’s a scary prospect, I know it is.  As sensitives, the emotion of it can seem overwhelming, particularly if we start experiencing the overwhelm of our loved ones at the same time.  And for some people sinking isn’t an option, the consequences are just too dire.  But the result of ignoring the needs of our bodies can be pretty serious too. 

What if instead of living Mind over Matter, we allowed our Minds and our Matter to co-create? What if we recognised how much more creative and productive we are when our bodies are cared for?  What if we viewed the promptings of our body as a valid communication that it’s time to stop, time to step back from others, or indeed, time to get out there and see those we love? 

We all know this really. We all know we are more productive when we’ve had enough sleep, when we’ve eaten good food instead of processed sugars and simple carbs, and when we’re had time to bring alertness to our work. But somehow we ignore this. 

I feel we need to give ourselves permission to look after ourselves.  We need to give everyone else permission to look after themselves.  We need to stop pushing through every illness, stop mocking those who take a break, and stop complaining when someone misses a night out.  Needless to say, the person who quoted the Mind over Matter mantra wanted something from me.  Normally I would have conceded and given them what they wanted.  This time I smiled and walked away. 

We have each come with a path to walk, and a body to walk it in.  Those bodies are filled with wisdom, with the ability to communicate with us. I also believe deeply that we are equipped to heal ourselves in ways we can only dream of right now.  What if we started to value the form we have come here to embody? What if we started to love it, to communicate with it, and to stop telling it our minds know better? What if we decided to heal ourselves and to treat our body and our energy levels as important to our overall path and success?

I talk a lot about self-care, because I haven’t mastered it yet.  It’s a lesson I need to work at continually and that my guides remind me about over and over again. But I am getting better at it and right now I am becoming more committed to it. 

It’s an exciting process. I am convinced that much healing can come from regaining the trust of our bodies and learning to work with them, to respect them, and to let them know that we are on their side.  Maybe this way, our bodies will share their wisdom with us, and we can unlock the enormous potential of co-creating with both our mind, and our matter, all at the same time.

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