Energy Reading for March 2018

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Channelled from The Light Circle.

The potential for psychic communication and for transformation through intuitive work is high in March.

For those of you who are either used to working in the psychic realms, or are keen to begin, now is a great time to delve into your own potential, into your own fascination with your multi-dimensional self.

This is a good time to work on creative projects, as your ability to tap into the streams of current energy is at a personal high. You can create easily from your inner self, and from an understanding of the energies that are current in your world. You can gain much joy from this process if you allow yourself to truly open and do not bar your process from addressing that which is deep, personal, or revealing. Through this process of creativity, much can be transformed in your own energy and in the world you create for yourself. This is a time of creative visioning, a time to ponder on the world you would like to live in over the course of the next astrological cycle. Your visions have power, strength, and the ability to manifest, so use your creative juices with care, with intention, and with joy.

You may feel that you are not a creative person, and yet, each and every one of you has the potential to tap into creativity at will. Your linear understanding of creativity can be limited, and this enables some to feel they are barred from the process, but please be aware that creativity can manifest in many ways that may seem obvious or obscure to you. You can be creative as you clean a house by visioning the newness of what you would like to manifest in your own life. You can be creative when you mend something, when you walk your dog. Anything can be a creative process. Creativity lies in your mind, in your ability to envision something that is new and to put your intention behind it.


If you do not want to create something new, if your world is perfect as it is, then think about how you could create for others, how you could shine this perfection, this contentedness, this happiness out to those around you. Think about how you could create joy for others, for it is through joy that you are able to move forward at this time.

For those of you who find the psychic world frightening, now is a good time to delve into the reasons for this. Many of you may have had experiences as children that felt daunting, surprising, and difficult to integrate into your everyday life. You may have been told you were lying, that you were dreaming, or even that you were mad. These experiences may have stretched back lifetimes, and those of you with past life recall may remember times in institutions, and may fear abuse through this process of psychic awakening. Please know, that now is a very different time. Much was learned in the past through these processes of concealment, of suffering, and of fear, however this is not the way to move forward at this time. The current energy aims to bring that suffering into the light in order to release it, in order to enable you to move forward with joy, confidence, and excitement at the potential that lies within your own energy field for both psychic work, and for physical manifestation.

You may find March to be high in emotion. You can look forward to some buzzing highs, but do not be surprised if you feel sadness and anger that seem to outweigh their logical cause. This is a process of release, as you travel through this last month in the astrological cycle. Allow these emotions, sit with them, and be kind to yourself. But do not hang onto them, do not over identify with them, and please do not use them to prove that your life is bad.


At this time you have a high element of choice in terms of what you hold onto, and what you release. These emotions and memories may arise from various times in your life. They may be issues that you have dealt with time and time again, and they may be issues that you felt you would carry forever. But if you can change your perspective, if you can realise that your own emotional environment is yours to choose, you can take that decision about what you hold in your field, what you release, and what you allow. When I talk of allowing in this way, I refer to this process of sitting with an emotion, but not holding onto it. In this way you can be present with everything that arises, but release it as soon as the time comes. This is in opposition to the third density grieving process which consists of many stages and of carrying sorrow with you for ever. If this process feels right to you then go with it. But not everything needs to be grieved, and if there are sorrows that you could release, that you could relieve of their power, then this is well and good.

As you move through this linear month of March, you will enter a new process of creation that is all about fire, is all about drive, and is all about manifesting what you have focused on during these previous weeks of enlightenment, understanding and processing. This is a joyful time, where you can experience the enthusiasm of a new project and the satisfaction that comes with following through on your ideas. This month you will begin to create from the depths of your understanding, from the height of your joy and from alignment with all the highs, the lows, the emotions of the past few weeks, of the past few years indeed. You create with a new depth, a new purpose and a new solidity that you have yearned for in recent years. Keep focusing on your intention, hold it in your home, hold it in your mind. Take each step with purpose, with creativity, and with joy.


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Tarot cards, The Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti, published by Llewellyn Publications,U.S. Available from Amazon.

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