Energy Reading for April 2018

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Channelled from The Light Circle.
As you begin this astrological New Year, many ideas and patterns have come up for re-examination. Many issues have come to light. This past month has been a swirling mass of emotion, of sensitivity, and of being impacted by the world and the energies around you. This process has been helpful in its way, and yet now is a good time to focus in on the things that are of most benefit to you.Look at your thoughts, look at your feelings, look at the emotions that have been overwhelming you, swamping you or causing your brain to run on over-time. Which of these are helpful, if any? Have you come out of this time with ideas that can help you move forward, or are they just holding you back from the path you know you want to walk? Your answers will vary. There is no one way that this will manifest. For some, ideas that have come up will have been deep and full of potential. You will he received inspiration that will help you move forwards in ways that you had not previously envisaged. For others, you will have been swamped with grief, with guilt, or with patterns and feelings that may come from your own history, or from those around you.

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Mind, Matter, or Both?

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‘Mind over matter,’ someone said to me recently. I’ve lived by that mantra my whole life. I know my mind is powerful, yours is too. Even when our minds are using their power in unhelpful ways, they still display super-human strength our bodies can only marvel at. In spirituality we’re constantly harnessing that power, but there is a well-recognised tendency to focus on the higher chakras to the detriment of our body. I am not innocent of that. Unfortunately we tend to carry on with this Mind over Matter theory until we’re forced out of it. It’s such a cultural norm that we don’t even notice how unhelpful it is. We persuade ourselves it’s a good thing, that it’s weak to do anything else. But what does it really help us achieve? Is it helping us go after our dreams or just enabling us to keep our head above water in a world where we expect ever more of ourselves and others? And what would really happen if we allowed ourselves to sink and had a good look at what was below the surface?

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Energy Reading for March 2018

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The potential for psychic communication and for transformation through intuitive work is high in March. For those of you who are either used to working in the psychic realms, or are keen to begin, now is a great time to delve into your own potential, into your own fascination with your multi-dimensional self. This is a good time to work on creative projects, as your ability to tap into the streams of current energy is at a personal high. You can create easily from your inner self, and from an understanding of the energies that are current in your world. You can gain much joy from this process if you allow yourself to truly open and do not bar your process from addressing that which is deep, personal, or revealing. Through this process of creativity, much can be transformed in your own energy and in the world you create for yourself. This is a time of creative visioning, a time to ponder on the world you would like to live in over the course of the next astrological cycle. Your visions have power, strength, and the ability to manifest, so use your creative juices with care, with intention, and with joy.

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