Energy Reading for February 2018, Assimilation

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Channelled from The Light Circle.

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This month begins with a period of significant change, courtesy of the two eclipses. This is a time of taking a crucial step forwards, of raising your vibration, moving into a different reality and developing your own ability to manifest through focus and intention.  This may feel, to some, like a period of unrest, as what no longer resonates continues to crumble. It it is a time of adjustment, a time of quiet, as the process of assimilating these energies is as powerful as the activation.

Typically, in your world, you push through the change. You resist the compulsion to adjust and rather keep moving at all costs. This time of assimilation is, in fact, paramount. It is the very purpose of your current moment. During these strong adjustments, the quiet times are when you can absorb the shifts, and ensure that you are able to move forward in the most productive and aligned way for you, and for you alone.

Without this time, you will continue on autopilot, reacting to the external stimuli as they bombard you at a rate of knots. This is your old ‘normal’, and yet it will not help you to move forward into this new space of raised vibration, or of the manifestation of your dreams. Instead, it holds you in a place of worry or anxiety, a place of reactive behaviour, as this has been the norm in your historical approach to life. The bombardment of energy at this high-intensity moment is extreme and for those who are sensitive, it is a challenge to continue to adjust whilst under the downpour.

The best way to move forward in this time, is to centre into your own energy and your personal experience of your path. This is the way to your highest vibrational experience, and your greatest good.

Do your best to avoid judgement. It is no longer on-point, and will only lead you in the directions that you have been led to in the past. Please note that I referred to you being LED. This is because you are responding to an old version of yourself, a construct that existed for the old paradigm. The new way to move forward in this reality, is to take the time to break old habits, to step out of outdated patterns, and to allow yourself the space to find the new.


This ‘new’ is in fact the authentic you. It is a time where your own core-being is being invited to step out and take centre stage. There is no longer a place for hiding, unless you are trying to hide from yourself. In this case you hold yourself in old patterns which leave you feeling stuck.

This sense of being stuck is an option you are entitled to take. Nobody is going to force you to change. However the status quo will continue to become increasingly uncomfortable, and the alternative is a new beginning that is aligned with your personal destiny or path. This path feels scary to many of you, and yet, as your true calling, it will prove the more effortless option.

If you are finding your way fraught with difficulty then be honest with yourself. Are you following a path that is aligned with your soul, or are you, in fact, on the road of least resistance? The easy way may have always been your first port of call, but that does not mean it will still give you peace. It may, rather, be that your path fills you with fear. There may be old blocks that you need to uncover and clear in order to smooth the way, and yet this process in itself is a vital part of your direction. Things may not look as you expected. Things may not flow as you had hoped. And yet these new directions, these new possibilities are worth your consideration and focus.

By truly addressing your new way forward, you will gain a mastery into your thoughts and will begin to clear your fears in a way that you had not believed possible. This reduction in the fear cycle will further clear your path to manifestation.

This time in February gives you insight into creating and sustaining the mindset that will take you forward on your journey of manifestation. This may not always look as you had imagined, but as long as you remain aligned with your heart, with your intuition, it will move you always towards your true path and the authentic manifestation of your soul.

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