Energy Reading for January 2018, Create Your Reality

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Channelled from the Light Circle.

We have been talking about Manifestation for a while.

Many are feeling this push towards creation, towards a life-goal that calls them, whether they know what it is or not.

Others doubt it. They hear the words, but they say: ‘nothing changed for me.’

This is the point. This is your moment of choice. You have the choice whether to manifest, to be brave, to break out of the mold society sets for you, because that kind of restriction is too limited for your big, beautiful self.

This time of Saturn energy, of Capricorn, is strong. It is a time when you are being given the gifts you need to embody the path you came to tread. This is a good time to take the big brave step you have been considering, yearning for, or dreading, but which you know to be true to your soul.

Right now, if you move, the energy moves with you. If you resist, if you continue to procrastinate, to indulge the outdated patterns that hold you back, you will be catapulted forwards by challenge rather than by opportunity.

The energy is changing. All will change with it. The difference is whether you embrace this change and work with it, to create something that feels glorious to you, or whether you resist and change through challenge and adversity.

Your path lies before you. Your soul wants you to walk that path. At a larger level, you know where you are going even if you feel confused in your human awareness . Tap into this larger version of yourself. Listen to whatever voice it uses to speak to you. It may be words, it may be pictures or numbers, or smells or thoughts, or inspirations. It can speak to you in so many ways if you open your mind and open your heart to the messages that are trying to reach you right now.

There is nobody who is incapable of hearing the messages of their soul. There is nobody who is not intuitive. It may seem easier to turn to others for your answers, but there is always the option to go within and listen to your own calling.

The new path is not well trodden. The snow has fallen and you are creating your own way through the virgin landscape. This is exciting. It gives you scope as never before in your incarnational climate. This is a possibility that has been given to you, to help you on your Ascension journey. And yet, if you remain still, waiting for others to walk the path before you, then you will need to take longer over the lessons in order to find your own way.

Please do not underestimate the importance of your own way at this time. Please do not underestimate the importance of authenticity. Anything inauthentic will begin to crumble. Anything that is holding you up artificially will begin to break down. Only your true purpose will thrive at this time, so open to it. Open your heart, open your mind, and take the first steps that Saturn is showing you with all its strength, perseverance and truth.

Do not fear Saturn. Saturn brings you gifts. Right now, it is giving you the opportunity to progress with flow, by allowing change and shift, by putting your feet on the path and beginning to walk.

This month is a time of focus, of opportunity, of opening to the reason you are here. So much has been crumbling and this is the way it has needed to happen. The old holds on until it is forced to let go and the shock tremors run back and forth through the energetic field. But now is the time for the old to let go. The new energies of light, healing and brightness are there for the taking. It is time to tune into them if you will. If you choose to hang on to the fear, to the heaviness and negativity, then that is your decision to make. The light energies will wait for you, and you will get there in the end.

What should people do if they are feeling that fear and want to shift?

Examine it, see whether or not it serves your higher purpose. Mostly, fears are unhelpful manifestations of the baggage you carry with you. They are an attachment to the heavier 3d energy that is currently flowing away.

Developments in your world have created a lot of fear. Instead of focusing on that emotion, visualise the change you would like to see. The old has been broken by the old. This is the way it occurs as those old energies scrabble to keep a hold of their power, to prevent the new energies coming in. But in fact they destabilise themselves, allowing the light to burn brighter, to flow through the cracks and instability, and to light up the field.

Try not to focus on the cracks, instead, focus on the light. Invite it in. Ask for the healing you need.

Never ignore fear, instead, examine it, release it, allow it to flow through you and out, or choose to transmute it with lighter, brighter energy.

Yes, this may seem harder than I make it sound. It can be as hard or easy as you choose, or believe it to be. This is your world and you make it in your image. If you believe that you are incapable of changing things without strain, then you will strain to change. If you fear that all your efforts are not worthwhile then they will prove you right. If you trust that the flow will lead you where you need to be, then that will be the case, even if the destination is other than you expected.

Put your feet on the path and walk. You do not need to fully understand where you are going. Instead you need to feel the authentic rightness of each step. This will lead you to your calling.

Follow your Joy. Follow your rightness. Follow your heart and your soul, rather than letting your fears guide you.

This is a key choice point for you, where manifestation energies are high and you can choose to manifest flow or struggle as you see fit.

Choose wisely.


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