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Today I have linked up with gothic author, editor and screenwriter, Kathryn Cottam, to give away two signed paperbacks.

The first is The Shoemaker, a dark, gothic retelling of the Elves and the Shoemaker. As a bonus, Kathryn is also giving away Three Tales of Red, a short story collection that explores red riding hood from three

perspectives, Red Riding Hood, the wolf and the huntsman. This is written by Kathryn, Roberta Cottam and Kate Tremills.

“Once upon a time” is how the fairy tales go, but this is no child’s story.

Edward Cordwainer is a lonely and disgruntled shoemaker in the remote northern town of Houndstooth. Not satisfied with carving out a meagre living in his father’s profession, Edward is desperate for a better life. So he enters into an arranged marriage with a wealthy merchant’s daughter.

But upon meeting Anastasia, his bride, her scarred face repels him. As his wedding fails to lead to luxury and love, he succumbs to an erotic encounter with a mysterious woman, resulting in a magical bargain to become the most famous man in all the kingdom.

As the magic takes hold, Edward does indeed become wealthy and well-known, not to mention the latest plaything of the Princess Ambrosia, who gets anything “”and anyone “” she desires. But magic is a tricky business, for it demands balance. Sure enough, Edward discovers that his invocation is not without cost. As Edward’s star rises, darkness begins to envelop Houndstooth and all its inhabitants when the women of the town start to disappear. Are the missing women connected to the magic? Or is some other dark force at play?

As events unfold, Edward’s one simple wish ultimately threatens to destroy his world. Blending romance, horror, and gothic suspense, The Shoemaker is a fairy tale retelling about love, honour and the darkest desires of the human soul. This novel is for mature readers.

The Shoemaker gripped my attention and kept me fascinated. The characters would fit well into an adult Alice in Wonderland and I had no idea what would happen next. It’s an intricate, compelling and surprising story.

Enter here, or keep scrolling to watch my cosy chat with Kathryn, find her online, and find out what else you can win.

If you enjoy fantasy books, you might also like the other authors involved in this week’s giveaway.

I will also be giving away a free half-hour tarot reading, so if you’d like to take stock as you move into 2018, keep an eye out for that giveaway.

The giveaway is being run through Rafflecopter and will be fun and easy.

Each giveaway will run for one week from the date of posting. Check back here or on my Facebook Pages to find out how to enter each day, and to find the the results.

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