Energy Reading for January 2018, Create Your Reality

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Scroll down for audio. Channelled from the Light Circle. We have been talking about Manifestation for a while. Many are feeling this push towards creation, towards a life-goal that calls them, whether they know what it is or not. Others doubt it. They hear the words, but they say: ‘nothing changed for me.’ This is the point. This is your moment of choice. You have the choice whether to manifest, to be brave, to break out of the mold society sets for you, because that kind of restriction is too limited for your big, beautiful self. This time of Saturn energy, of Capricorn, is strong. It is a time when you are being given the gifts you need to embody the path you came to tread. This is a good time to take the big brave step you have been considering, yearning for, or dreading, but which you know to be true to your soul. Right now, if you move, the energy moves with you. If you resist, if you continue to procrastinate, to indulge the outdated patterns that hold you back, you will be catapulted forwards by challenge rather than by opportunity. The energy is changing. All will change with it. The difference is whether you embrace this change and work with it, to create something that feels glorious to you, or whether you resist and change through challenge and adversity. Your path lies before you. Your soul wants you to walk that path. At a larger level, you know where you are going even if you feel confused in your human awareness . Tap into this larger version of yourself. Listen to whatever voice it uses to speak to you. It may be words, it may be pictures or numbers, or smells or thoughts, or inspirations. It can speak to you in so many ways if you open your mind and open your heart to the messages that are trying to reach you right now. There is nobody who is incapable of hearing the messages of their soul. There is nobody who is not intuitive. It may seem easier to turn to others for your answers, but there is always the option to go within and listen to your own calling. The new path is not well trodden. The snow has fallen and you are creating your own way through the virgin landscape. This is exciting. It gives you scope as never before in your incarnational climate. This is a possibility that has been given to you, to help you on your Ascension journey. And yet, if you remain still, waiting for others to walk the path before you, then you will need to take longer over the lessons in order to find your own way. Please do not underestimate the importance of your own way at this time. Please do not underestimate the importance of authenticity. Anything inauthentic will begin to crumble. Anything that is holding you up artificially will begin to break down. Only your true …

Win a Signed copy of Award Winning Werewolf Novel, Oath Breaker

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Today we have our last giveaway, a signed copy (?) of award-winning Werewolf novel, Oathbreaker, from author Shelley Wilson. Shelley is a bit of a superwoman penning both exciting YA fiction and bestselling, motivational self-help books. She has also just landed a fabulous, 10 book publishing contract with ….. and an Apple fiction award. I really loved Oathbreaker and it flew onto my kindle just when it was needed, at a moment when I couldn’t find anything I liked.

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Win a Half Hour Tarot Reading

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In today’s giveaway, I am offering a free, half-hour tarot reading. Have you ever wanted to try tarot but not been in a position to commit the money? Or are you at a turning point in your life and would like some insight? I am an intuitive tarot reader, and come from a self-development angle, helping you understand what’s going on in your life, and how to make the most of the opportunities. Every tarot reader is different. Have a look at my readings, and you’ll get a feel for the way I work.

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Win a Signed Paperback of Fantasy Novel, Messenger

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Today I have linked up with fantasy author and inspirational speaker Kate Tremills to offer a signed copy of Messenger, the first book in her Great Lands Series. Kate Tremills writes beautiful and spiritual novels that explore far-off worlds, mythology, and even modern day Manhattan. But now she is also traveling in a new direction and bringing us wonderful inspirational ideas and teachings on creativity. Creativity is something Kate knows a lot about, from her novel writing, to her time as magazine writer, to her L.A. screenwriting career. She has approached the process from every angle and has a wealth of information and encouragement to share.

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Gothic Fairytales Up For Grabs

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Today I have linked up with gothic author, editor and screenwriter, Kathryn Cottam, to give away two signed paperbacks. The first is The Shoemaker, a dark, gothic retelling of the Elves and the Shoemaker. As a bonus, Kathryn is also giving away Three Tales of Red, a short story collection that explores red riding hood from three perspectives, Red Riding Hood, the wolf and the huntsman. This is written by Kathryn, Roberta Cottam and Kate Tremills. Not all fairytales are cute and cuddly. Kathryn writes intense, gothic fairytales that are definitely for grown-ups.

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December Giveaway

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Christmas is a time for giving and connecting, so this week I have a wonderful Christmas giveaway for you, that spans both my Facebook Pages, The Story Cave and The Curious Mystic. For four days this week, I will offer one giveaway. On three of the days there will be a signed book from my wonderful collaborators, Kate Tremills, Kathryn Cottam, and Shelley Wilson, who recently won an Apple Award for her YA story, Oathbreaker. On the other day I will offer a free half hour tarot reading with me, which will be done over Zoom. If you would like to find out more about my Tarot readings, please do check out my Services section, and some of the general readings in my blog.

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