Energy Reading for December, Follow Your Joy

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Channelled from The Light Circle.

December offers the opportunity for change and shift.

Those who are looking for change will find it to be a wild ride where their own potential for manifestation increases many fold. They will find that the universe moves with them to change in whatever direction is in their own greatest good. If you are on your path it will open up before you. Distractions will fall away and become quieter, or disappear altogether. The journey will open up before you with more clarity than you have experienced in the past. There will be opportunities, helpers and guides at every turn to help you move further in your own right direction.

This is a time to be really clear about what you want. It is a time to be focused on your goals, not on your fears. Because those fears will lead you into road-blocks and difficulties. Only aligned and forward-moving ventures will have wings at this time, so be truly honest with yourself.

Are you working on your current venture because it is your heart’s desire, or are you putting in the work because someone has told you to? Are you looking to impress someone, to live up to their ideas or expectations, to push a cause that they consider important? If this is the case, then consider whether or not this is truly a cause you want to take as your own. Choose carefully. If you choose the path that is aligned with you, it will open up. If you choose according to other criteria, you may find yourself in stagnation.

This experience of roadblocks is one that many people have been experiencing in recent weeks and months. These blockages stop you in your tracks, surround you with negativity and bring you into conflict. This has been a part of the experience, but now as we move into the fires of Sagittarius, the time has come to burn up that which no longer applies, and to move forwards with inspiration and drive.

If you are feeling drained, and many of you are, then think about what you are actually doing with your time right now. Think about whether it is something that brings you joy, or drags you down. Think about whether you are spending time with people who bring out the best in you, or who prompt you to come from a place of fear and ego.

This fear is not required at this time, because fear engenders fear. If you allow the energy of this emotion to surround you, then you will attract more and more fear. This is a downward spiral that is difficult to reverse once you get truly stuck in it. So instead, pull into the purity of your own emotions. Surround yourself with what brings you joy and what fills you with a sense of love. Let those things that drag you down drift away or sit on the back burner.

There is so much help available right now, for those who are coming from, and moving towards, their own higher purpose. Kindness, love, compassion, these are all energies that will carry you forwards, smoothing the way and lighting the path to your future. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself, and step out of the illusion that you should allow others to control you. There is nobody who can take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions other than you. This is a time to own your energy, and to take responsibility for where it leads you and what you manifest.

The energy for manifestation is so high at this time that your own authenticity is of utmost importance. By tapping into this, into the truth of who you are and what you are here to embody, you can truly walk your life path and become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. This is the route to enlightenment.

Follow your joy. Follow your love. Follow your enthusiasm. Let these bright energies guide you through every day, even at your darkest moments. Ask yourself, ‘what will bring me the greatest joy in this moment? Should I rush, or should I take the opportunity to listen to someone, to truly hear them? Will it really hinder me if I do?’

These moments of true connection are like energy waves that travel through the different levels of the time construct. A moment of kindness and compassion can be revisited many years later in a completely different way. Do not ever underestimate the importance of tapping into your heart and following the waves of kindness and love it offers. This is a key way of finding your own direction and finding the joy that will lead you on your path to fulfillment.

December is a big month. It is a big month in so many ways, but primarily in the responsibility that you can take, for your own energy, and your own acceptance of how much you can do to change your life and to change the world.

This is your moment. Use it wisely.

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