Do you re-read books?

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There are certain books I love so much, I go back into them for a visit. The characters are like friends I want to see again. The places feel so real I’m sure I’ve been there before.

My favourites for re-reading are The Catch Trap by Marian Zimmer Bradley, a love story about flyers in a circus, (trapeze artists, Twilight, and of course Harry Potter. As a child I read my copy of the BFG by Roald Dahl into tatters, and the beautiful A Little Princess by Frances Hodgeson.

What was it about those books that I loved? Well the characters were the main thing. When I finished them I didn’t want to say goodbye. I have been known to restart a book immediately for that reason. The world and life they took me into was pure magic, enveloping me in a completely different reality.

There’s also the mood it puts me in. Twilight was always a bit like a holiday for me, when I didn’t have time for a holiday. I didn’t have to get into it. I was already bought into the characters, the story, the world. And I knew it would hold my attention even when the world was being too intrusive into my mind.

At the moment I rarely re-read books. My To Be Read list is far more extensive than the time available to work my way through it. But I still hanker after those favourite books. Even with the plethora of books now available, sometimes I crave the familiarity of those characters I have grown to love over so many re-reads.

There’s a real magic in that.

Do you like to re-read books? And if so, what are your favourite stories to revisit?

Please do join the discussion below and tell me what you love.

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