Energy Reading for November 2017, Open To Unexpected Possibilities

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Channelled from The Light Circle.

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November sees another shift. The waves of Scorpio have been bashing down your defenses, encouraging you to open and to submit to the flow. For some this has been exciting, a challenging but wild ride that has carried them forwards. For others it has been a struggle and a journey that has taken them to the depths of their endurance.

Whichever of these camps you fall into, look at your situation. Which buttons have been pushed? What resistance have you encountered? Have you moved forwards in the past days and weeks, or are you feeling stuck in a rut?

For those of you who have done the work, who have looked at the lessons laid out before you and sought a way through that fueled your self-development, then the change from October to November may be significant. This is the time when the true gold of transformation takes its form. If you look, you can see the beginnings of what you are about to become. You are moving into a time of reaping benefits from the hardships that you have recently encountered. For some of you this may be big, a large goal that you have been aiming for. For others it may be a shift in a heartfelt relationship, or in the energy that you hold within yourself. Whatever you are focusing on now has the opportunity to move. The barriers have been broken down, the wounds are still fresh, but now they are being given an opportunity to heal as never before. Now you are able to let go of more of your patterns, more of your issues, as this water energy crashes through your own personal energy field, and your energetic blueprint.

People often view their blueprint as something unchangeable, but this is in fact not the case. Your path in life was set before birth, yes, but not in an absolute way. There are always choices, always opportunities, and what is to say that the dream you hold close to your heart is not actually the path that you should be taking?

Once again I call on you to look deep within yourself for the answer to your worries. You can find inspiration and help from many places around you, but always bring it back to what lies within your heart, what feels true to you on that most instinctive level. As you move further into this Ascension process, you become more and more intuitively connected. Your perception of reality shifts by the day. What felt acceptable, good even, months ago, now feels restrictive. You may feel trapped, but remember you are always in a position to step away from these bonds. You may not like the alternatives that are being presented to you by polite society. If this is the case, look for others. This is a time like never before, in its scope for change, for the new, and for complete and utter transformation.

You do not have to be who you were a week ago. You do not have to be who you were born to be. You have lived that reality every day of your life, but you are now being given the choice to say goodbye to embracing that karma. You can, if you choose, welcome in something new at this time. Open your mind wider than ever before. I know that many of you are well-used to opening your mind and your energy wide, but even so, open wider. Open not to the negativity of those around you, but to the infinite possibilities of your own soul. Open to the power you hold for manifestation. Open to the reality of your own infinite being, and to the expansiveness of what that truly offers.

You are magnificent. In recent months, years even, you have been challenged to the point that even the most enlightened of you may find yourself feeling small. But at this time, I urge you to take up the call of your own soul, your own energy, your own range of possibilities. Don’t hold yourself to the visions you created ten years ago, five years ago, one year even. Instead, open to the incredible possibilities that are now coming your way. Open to the differentness of what is on offer. Open to the bravery that is involved in putting yourself out there in your most authentic form.

Come from your heart. The more sensitive those around you become, the more they will respond to a heart-based approach, and the less they will respond to game playing.
“But I am authentic and spiritual,” you may think to yourself. “I don’t play games.” And yet, think. Many of you have remained closeted for so long, hiding your authenticity from the crowds of people you thought you had to match. But now, in reality, those people will begin to feel that disconnect. And at this time you will have the choice whether you stick with the game you have been playing, the fancy dress party that has been becoming more and more uncomfortable. The alternative is of course to throw off your costume and show yourself in your real clothes, in the garb that you have manifested and that shows the world who you really are.

Only in this authenticity can you truly embrace the reality of your own possibilities. It is not about shouting your beliefs from the rooftops. You do not need to talk about them if it makes you uncomfortable. Instead it is about always coming from your heart. Break down the barriers you hold between yourself and others, and instead, look to replace them with healthy boundaries. These two are very different, and as you learn about the contrast, and develop your ability to work with them, you will start to understand quite how much you have been restricting yourself through your own energy output, and through your own visions of what you are trying to create.

You are currently in the process of transformation, in the depths of your own soul, your own reality. Now is the moment to choose whether to become the phoenix who rises from the ashes, or whether to remain in those overwhelming, watery depths. Nobody can choose for you. There is no right answer. There is no one way to walk this road, only a myriad of choices and your heart, which will always lead you right if you truly listen.
As you move through November and towards the realms of Sagittarius the energy will shift again, with more expansion, more ladders being lowered into those depths to offer people a way out.

This is transformation through fire and water, transformation that has been hard won, through lessons that have been learned again and again. You can keep learning, or you can take the elemental ladder that stands before you and offers you a way to rise in your own energy field, to take the path of the higher octane of your own soul, and to reach into a place of expansion, unity, flow and infinite possibility.

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