Energy Reading for October 2017, Find Your Own Moral Compass

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Channelled from The Light Circle.

October is a month of contrast.

For many of you, relief and freedom will now come through change, through following the path that takes you away from the status quo and towards a new sense of security that is based not on static structure, but on the transformative fire of forwards movement. You will seek out each and every pattern that has you feeling stuck, recognising the stagnancy of the energy and the way it holds you back. Issues that have long seemed tolerable, will begin to feel impossible as you move through this energy, which is crashing through the structures that have held you unnaturally in a state of status quo.

Others of you are still holding onto this status quo and are feeling the pain and the pressure as the structures that you took as security are being demolished around you. This is a most uncomfortable place to be. Know that you can no longer find peace through static, stagnant energy. Instead you must find it through looking for a new balance, for looking for the way forward that takes you out of the rigidity. Know that you have choices about how you move into this change point. If some else offers you a solution that does not feel aligned, do not take it. But do look for your own solution, your own path of forward movement that can move you through this place of discomfort, this challenge, into a period of greater alignment and greater freedom.

Because freedom does not come from static structure. That is a state that is entirely alien to the high vibrational soul, which is manifest through flow and movement. There is no answer that is right forever, no matter how perfect it may feel to you at any one time. There is no answer that is right for everyone, no matter how aligned it may feel to your own personal path.

This is the season of balance, of empathy, of understanding the perspectives and choices of others, and I call on you to make the most of this opportunity as it appears in your year of 2017, because there has been much prejudice and misunderstanding of others in your recent history.

These misunderstandings are not aligned with the energy of the future, which is currently streaming into your cosmic environment. Rather, it is aligned with the old energies which are trying to resist the flow that is washing them away from your current timeline.

Rather than reacting to these energies with rage, which is aligned with fear, instead, try to view these forces with compassion. Recognise them as what they are, the death throes of a system that has seen its end in the cards. Through this compassion, through this understanding that these aggressive energies are becoming more and more transient, you rob them of the power they seek to engender through inciting rage, hatred and fear. These energies are wildly contagious on your earth plane, and the more you spread them, they more they are picked up by others and spread even further throughout your society. This enables the hold of the old energies to strengthen and therefore does in fact create a more challenging path for the energies of release and enlightenment that are flowing into your field at this time.

Though many of you examine this from a global perspective, it is always an inner journey. It is always your own triggers, patterns and fears that create the strongest reaction within you and prevent you from acting in a way that would further the spread of peace amongst those around you. Having a clear and bright energy field allows a greater level of understanding and comprehension of what is going on around you, and this enables you to consistently act for the greatest good. You can no longer pursue this path of greatest good by blindly following others. Instead you need to look to your own moral compass at each point. This is a significant factor in the change of energies, that the age of looking to gurus is passing. As more and more corruption is exposed amongst the higher echelons of power, the more you will realise that you cannot rely on the examples of others, which may or may not be what they seem. Instead, look within. Examine your own feelings, your own physical reactions to the events and occurrences that you meet in your everyday life.

Stop seeing yourself as mixing with categories of people. Instead interact with individuals, people with their own experiences, loves, hates, fears and desires. These divisions that you have created were relevant in the time of separation which is now passing. In this time of increased unity, increased understanding and increased empathy, they become less and less relevant to the point of being insignificant and unnoticeable.

The clearer you are in your own energy field, the clearer the reaction you have to other people, because rather than reacting to their external appearance or social groupings you will react to their energy, to the vibration that they put out into the room and surround you with when you are in their company. Many of you already operate at this level and this experience is spreading to more and more people across the globe. This does of course create a sense of reaction and of pushing back the change from those who do not yet understand it. Do not be threatened by this. Focus on your work and send compassion out to all, knowing that you are tipping the balance in favour of higher vibrational energies, empathy and unity consciousness.

This is the balance that you seek in your soul in this Libra cycle. It is the balance that you are continually striving for at this time. It is a balance that is not yet near completion, but is ready for another jolt to take it forward in the direction of manifestation. So add your energy to this balance, to this peace. Do your inner work so that you react with love and compassion rather than rage, anger and grief. See the energies at play for what they are, and hold your own peace, your own balance and your own clear sightedness, whatever the world may throw at you.


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