Energy Reading for October 2017, Find Your Own Moral Compass

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October is a month of contrast.
For many of you, relief and freedom will now come through change, through following the path that takes you away from the status quo and towards a new sense of security that is based not on static structure, but on the transformative fire of forwards movement. You will seek out each and every pattern that has you feeling stuck, recognising the stagnancy of the energy and the way it holds you back. Issues that have long seemed tolerable, will begin to feel impossible as you move through this energy, which is crashing through the structures that have held you unnaturally in a state of status quo.

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Werewolves, Vampires and Teenage Crushes, A Cosy Chat with Fantasy Author Shelley Wilson

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I’m so pleased to welcome Shelley Wilson to the Curious Mystic to talk about her new book, Oath Breaker. I was on a reading slump, and this is the book that finally broke it. It’s a great story, with werewolves, hunters, romance and lots of action. And I’m not the only one who enjoyed it. Today Shelley announced that Oath Breaker was an Official Winner in the New Apple E-Book Summer Awards 2017. I had a lovely chat and lots of laughs with Shelley, as she told me what inspired Oath Breaker, revealed insider secrets, and gave me an inkling of what’s coming next. Do click on the video below for the full chat.

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