September Energy Reading, Build or Rebuild

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September brings a change of pace. Whereas you have been living through an explosive period of change, the time has come for focused creation of that which you wish to manifest in your life.

In September you can start to build or rebuild. You will find that progress becomes easier, more flowing, as long as you are aligned with your path and the current energetic climate.

For those of you who are still fighting the changes, who still hang onto the old ways that have not served you, this time will be challenging. It will push you harder towards the change you resist, but which is embedded in your soul path and in the developmental process you chose before birth.

For those who embrace the transition, you will find the opportunities will be surprising and sudden in their appearance. You will find that you are able to travel faster, and further than you had imagined. We have been talking about the speed of manifestation increasing, and some of you will have been raising eyebrows, doubting that this is the case. Well now, in your month of September, if you are prepared to trust your heart, to follow the path you have truly set out for yourself and to let go of the patterns that no longer serve, you will find this speed increase dizzying.

This may create resistance. You may feel that things are moving too fast, that you are not ready. Know, that you are in fact ready for this. That this moment of friction, of being pushed beyond your boundaries, is something you chose, that you wrote into your contract before you were born. There is no accident at this time. There is only flow or resistance. It is your choice which side of the line you fall on.

Spear 6 (six of wands) indicates that success is within your grasp, if you choose to take it. This is a period where you are being given the choice to step up and build the future that you want. What has felt unachievable will now be within your grasp, on offer and in fact reaching out to take you by the hand. All you have to do is accept that grasp, and work with the energies to allow the dream into your Earth plane existence.

This is a twofold process. First is the death, (The Washer at the Ford). This is necessary in order to release you from what has been holding you back, from the process that has frustrated you for so long. This has been common to many people in recent years as the pace of spiritual grown has accelerated at a dizzying speed, but the pace of change in people’s personal circumstances has not been as progressive as they hoped. Although it may feel as though this comes from an external pressure, it is always located within.

If you are feeling this frustration, this sense of being held back, look at your own triggers. What fears prevent you from taking the daring steps that would enable the future you dream of? What are you resisting, stopping yourself from doing? How does the dream frighten you when you look at it with complete honesty? Is it really the right reality for you? If it is, and if you can see your way forwards, then take it. Release that which is no longer helpful to you. Ask your guides to de-programme outdated lessons from your aura, from your greater light body and from your physical body, which is adjusting at a greater speed than ever before on your planet. This death process can bring waves of grief as the energy of loss, of separation, of restriction is released, and therefore freed from the walls within which you have held it captive. Rather than dwelling in the grief, feel it, then let it go. See it flowing out of your light body and back to Source where it can be transmuted to add to the wisdom of the collective consciousness.

Next comes the new beginning (Three of spears, three of wands). You have held this concept in your mind for many years. You have nurtured it, looked at it from every angle and wondered if you would ever be capable of it. You have released your restrictions, now is the time to take the steps that always seemed impossible to you in the past. Have faith in yourself, in your path, in the dreams that you have held in your heart. If they still stand up to the weight of Earth plane tests, then it is your responsibility to do your bit. To open your heart wide enough to let in the potential for change. Allow the people around you to help you. Tell them what you long for. Ask for their help and support. You can offer them the same service in return because in the world of unity consciousness, that energy of love and support is creative and breeds more positivity. The more you open to others, the more they will open to you. Allow people to come to you in all their individuality and glory. Allow them to offer you their uniqueness, so that they are glorious and open enough to embrace your uniqueness in return.

This beginning will not happen in the way you envisaged, in the manner you have pictured all these years. So instead of focusing on each stage of the process, instead, hold your goal in mind. Picture the end stage, what you really dream of. Allow this to manifest in the greatest way possible, whatever that may be. With the energies changing faster than ever before, you have no way of comprehending the complexity and beauty of your path. Do not restrict it. Do not control it. Do not mold it. Instead, step out onto it. Feel the grass beneath your feet. Feel the waters of the brook bubble around your toes. Feel the support from the earth, from the elementals, from your guides swelling up around you to bring the greatness of your destiny into its true form.

Greatness can manifest in many different ways. It does not need to equal fame and fortune. Instead it is a true manifestation of potential, a fulfilling of the path that has been chosen, an embracing of the soul contract in its infinite possibilities.

Open to the greatness in YOUR OWN potential. Allow your restrictions to shed, so that you can make the most of the manifestation energy.

If you are not on your path, what you seek will not take place. If this is happening to you, look at why. Perhaps you are on the wrong path, or perhaps you have not yet recognised your blockages. Either way, now is a beautiful moment to create the shift, to put yourself in alignment with your purpose, whatever that may be. If you do not know, then focus on what brings you the most joy in this moment, and see how you can expand this joy out to those around you. Follow your joy, follow your heart, follow your peace. Take pleasure in the activities that fill you with abundance and creativity. Spend time in that which fills you up, not that which drains and depletes you. This is the way to your path, because you work with Source and feel the flow of the creative energy that is available to all.


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