Cosy Chat with Fantasy Author, Kate Tremills

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Kate Tremills

‘I am a purveyor of stories. I dive into the mysteries of life, into the magic of our journey, and the playfulness of the human spirit. I seek the wisdom of goddesses, animals, angels, natural oracles, crows, and humans, too.

‘My stories touch the edge of tenderness and courage.

‘I invite you to discover the vast world of the Great Lands, the Fated, my retelling of fairy tales & myths, and my original fables. I promise to explore further, deeper, wider — with a brave heart, guiding you to the edge of experience.’

I love this cosy chat with fantasy author, Kate Tremills.

The Great Lands Series has adventure, magic, romance and danger. It has sentient buildings, powerful sorcerers and a heroine who must save the world she knows.

But it is more than the sum of those parts. There is deeper meanings around every corner, and Kate’s beautifully poetic way with words lulls the reader into the dream world of the Great Lands she has created.

This is a beautiful and fascinating series, and I loved talking to Kate about it, and finding out more about her characters, process and inspiration. Please do have a watch, ask questions, and if you’ve read it, let us know what you thought!

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