Energy Reading for July: Breaking Open the Heart Chakra

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From The Light Circle

You have been undergoing a period of explosive change, where the unexpected has become the norm. This feels very destabilising to many, maybe most. And yet it is a period of change that is spectacular in its scale, and far reaching in its benefits.

The benefits may seem unreachable at this point, but you will see large scale change and transformation in the governmental bodies and structures that underpin your societies, as you move forward into a new age.

During this last month of June, there has been a series of occurrences that have elicited responses from the general populations that are perhaps not as those in power would have expected. Light has been shone where there would have been darkness. There has been outrage where there would have been silence. There has been compassion where there would have been hate.

This is a monumental shift in reaction, in consciousness, in awareness of those around you, and of the plight that others endure. This is a shift towards collective consciousness, because those of you who watch, are experiencing these happenings at a heart level as though they impacted your lives on a personal basis. This is a collective opening of the heart chakra, a widening of sensitivity and awareness, and of allowing in the greater part of your soul.

As you have released more and more patterns, whether knowingly or not, you make room for the higher vibrational energy that is the greater part of your soul. And though the populations at large may not be conscious of this process, there is great energetic release underway. Those of you who are Lightworkers, empaths, others who are clearing on a conscious level, you do it not just for yourselves but for the collective and for the overall expansion of consciousness in your societies at this time.

In this period of July, you will see a furthering of the processes that have already begun. This will be a time of building of confidence, of expansion, of trust that the old ways are now faltering and new ways will be allowed in. This month will not be explosive as such, but will be a process of building on what has been learned, of expanding the soul connection, of feeling the strength and joy that comes from this collective consciousness and awareness, and the collective approach to life that has been lost for so long.

For many at this time the heart chakra is being broken open. This can be painful, and yet it is the walls that are being broken, the barriers that have been keeping the collective consciousness of love and light from the experience of the everyday world. So this world is, in fact, in a process of opening, of allowing in the light, of cracking open the barriers that prevent the collective experience from expanding to new levels of awareness, vibration, and experience.

July is a period of bedding in. Do not be afraid to take new approaches to things that would have frightened you in the past. Do not be afraid to look above and beyond the mundane level. Do not be afraid to be positive where others fear. This is the direction that you are moving in, and by tuning into the love vibration you help others to access levels that they are not yet acclimatised to by themselves. In this period of July it is of importance for Lightworkers to step up, to raise the vibration of the planet as a whole, for the changes that are coming, so that you are ready as a collective to make the most of the opportunities that are coming your way in the near future.

You talk about the need to be positive when others are in the fear frequency, but this can appear flippant and uncaring. What could you say to us to help in these situations?

There are many levels of understanding and not all are open to all people at all times. Though it may be true that difficulty may be in the greater good for the soul collective, this is not the perspective that is relevant to many at the time of the occurrence. It is only retrospect that the benefit can be seen. It is always important to hold onto the personal impact that these occurrences can create for individuals, and to hold compassion for their day to day suffering. To look at an event as being in the greatest good is all well and good, but it is done from a perspective of distance and this can detract from the understanding of the true lessons that are involved in the process of living through the Earth plane experience.

The best way to hold the high vibration while maintaining compassion and connection, is to work on an energetic level, to raise the frequencies of the energies to help those in distress, and to speak of hope, love, and the higher vibrational love frequency. This can be done in a way that is of great comfort to those who are suffering, rather than seeming to be distant.

So how can we make the most of the July energies?

During this month of July, I would ask that you focus on the greater good, on raising the vibration of the planet, of the institutions around you, and of your own energies. Raise the vibrations of your own reactions to difficult situations and seek new solutions, new opening out new heart connections. Whenever possible, feel the expansion of your heart chakra, and allow yourself to immerse yourself and those around you in this love energy, because this is the strength of your current astrological sign of cancer, and this is what is needed to progress at this time.

Focus on your heart chakra , feel the love, feel the personal connection and empathy for those who surround you, both on a personal and social level. When you think and feel with your heart, then you cannot truly make a bad decision.


I open to love and light in my own life.

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