Energy Reading for June 2017, New Solutions to Old Problems

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Tarot cards: The Hangman, Death, The Hermit, The High Priestess. The cards pictured are from the Tarot of the Hidden Realms, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore, published by Llewellyn Publications. Click here to find them on Amazon.

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The cards for June show a big month. With four out of four cards in the Major Arcana, we are focused very much on the Big Picture, whether global or personal. This is a karmic moment, key to our life paths.

One main message kept coming through, that we are undergoing a process of finding new solutions to old problems.

This starts with the Hangman, a card of rising above the mundane, stepping out of the norm and looking at life from a new perspective. The Hangman suggests that whether or not we find this process comfortable, it will be a time when we are able to step into higher wisdom, to transcend patterns which have previously held us back. It suggests we learn to observe ourselves and the world from a greater distance, to find a new place of acceptance and understanding.

Death shows that we are at the end stages of a process that has being going on for a long time. This is a necessary transition that requires release. In death, you release your soul from your body. At this time we are releasing a great deal of third density baggage that has often been seen as intrinsic to physical life. We are moving through an energetic transformation that has previously only been possible through death. Our ability to release and transmute our energies whilst in this earth plane is constantly increasing, but the process is being experienced as difficult by many. We need to focus on the promise that the death card brings us here, the promise of a new beginning, of life at a higher vibration. This release is well underway.

The Hermit suggests we distance ourselves from the negativity and patterns that are constantly swirling around us right now. There is much confusion, anger and aggression being enacted on our planet, on social media and on the airwaves. It is important to hold a place of balance, and to ground ourselves in order to move beyond this place of uncomfortable immersion. The Hermit urges us to go inwards, to find our own balance rather than being dragged backwards and forwards by the energies of others, and of the collective release at this time.

The high priestess assures us that when we go inwards, we will find an inner wisdom that will carry us forwards, lighting the way towards those new solutions. This is not a process we can approach from a physical ‘fixing’ point of view. Instead we are guided to look at our own responses to issues as they arise, adjusting our behaviour, words and actions, in order to facilitate a new way forwards. This is an intuitive process of shifting and adjusting in order to find the path of flow. All will become clear as we walk this intuitive and sacred path.

These shifts in perception may seem small, but together, the transformation of many individual patterns creates a ripple effect throughout society. What the individual is able to accept creates a social norm. What is now considered acceptable is in a point of change. By tuning in to your responses to that change, and to your gut feel about what is right and aligned, you can take part in the creation of this new and higher vibrational energy.

Many people are experiencing extreme tugs in directions that they experience as uncomfortable. The status quo has altered, and as yet a new balance has not been found. This is all part of the process of awakening and it is a time of learning to deal with difficulties in a new and more evolved way.

The difficulties people are facing are not new, but many of them feel extreme to you, extreme versions of what has come before. In fact, they mirror what has come before, but your reactions are flowing and transforming to create a new reality.

As you move into June, the shifts continue and there is a need to learn a process of flow and adjustment in order to travel with the new normal. This process, which feels difficult to many, is a time of intense clearing and will not last forever. But at this time, as you clear the energies from your own fields, you learn new ways of dealing with roadblocks. At this time you need to create the shift in your own life, in your own energy, in your own progression.

This will not be done for you. This is the moment to choose your own enlightenment, to reaffirm every day that you have selected to travel the path of Ascension and to commit to finding new ways through the processes of clearing the energy you no longer need from your field. This Ascension process is glorious, in that those who have chosen to do so are releasing so fast that they are lifting their vibration as has never been done before. But these energies come from millennia of third density vibration, and they may not feel quick to release.

Try to hold your serenity, to know that these feelings are not of your own making, but are in fact of your own releasing. Please know that they are not indicative of a failure in your life, but rather of your need to observe what is taking part in your energy field, to release what you no longer need, and to move forwards with confidence and determination into the new way of being.

This month of June brings great shifts forwards for those who need them. Choice is always the key. There is much opportunity to choose the role of victim and, for some of you, it may be in your path to continue to explore this process. For those who want to move beyond this energy of victimhood, please align with the highest version of yourself that you can perceive. Please remember that on an energy level there are no true victims, because we all choose the path that is most beneficial to our own personal growth

If you can learn to look from this perspective, to see beyond the third density limitations and discomforts that come with this energy, you start to allow the blockages to shift more quickly, and to enable yourself to maintain a sense of distance and serenity in times of intense clearing.

Look at the patterns that you are holding in your energy field. Understand that there are new ways for you, if you truly want them. This is a time of intense possibility. It is a time when you can find new methods of dealing with old problems, when you can find solutions that previously seemed impossible. The key is to remain detached and observant, to see what is happening within your energy field and surroundings. To observe it and tune into the patterns that are creating this reality within you. If you can focus on opening your channel, on opening your mind, on inviting in new inspiration about how to deal with old problems, these will begin to release more easily.

This is a time of new responses to old problems. It is your choice whether you join this energy path at this time, but please know that the energies are not aligned with old responses. If that is the path you choose, you will be given many opportunities to adapt to the new state of being.

For the aware, there will be a progression that will be exhilarating, though it may at times be uncomfortable. This is your way forwards, and I encourage you to embrace this energy to the full, and to allow your own progression into the new paradigm, even in the face of events that seem to pull you backwards as a collective.

Please know that you are not in a place of backwards movement, but rather in a moment of intense opportunity for personal development, through the choice of new responses to old problems.

You are supported, you are loved, please open to the help that is always available to you.


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