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I first encountered the idea of starseeds through Dolores Cannon. She talked about souls who had never incarnated on Earth before, coming in a wave to bring a new energy to Earth and help the Ascension process.

At the time I found the idea interesting but moved on. Recently though, the subject started coming up. I was asked to write a blog on it, people posted about Lemurian starseed crystals, a friend brought it up with me, it was coming from all over the place.

I view these kinds of synchronicities as a message, so I took the bait and started digging.

Much has been written about starseeds, and there is plenty you can look up if you would like to absorb what has been said before. My personal approach is to meditate to see what is relevant for me at this particular time, and to see how it resonates with me. So I got myself a Lemurian starseed quartz which I love and I began to meditate on what the message was for me, and why I needed to connect to this idea.

I started seeing images. I saw myself in a room with family. It wasn’t my earthly family, but souls I was related to in a different form. I saw myself decide to come to earth and I saw myself take the step to leave where I was.

This was a fascinating experience and one that keeps coming back to me. More recently, meditation has started taking me out into space, to a point where I can view the Earth in entirety. I have a strong connection now with two light beings, one who presents as feminine, and one who has identified as a brother figure. I have pondered this for a long time.

Typically starseeds are believed to have come to Earth for the first time. I have many memories of other lives, and whilst these could be energies I have been releasing on behalf of the collective, I don’t feel it’s that simple.

It feels to me that we can approach the starseed concept from a multi-dimensional perspective, broadening our view out beyond the linear view of first or successive lives on planet Earth.

I do not feel that ‘past lives’ are strictly in the past. I experience a grid of experiences that occur simultaneously, with me working through our current linear timeline, but able to tap into others. Similarly, these different expressions of soul may have incarnated onto planet Earth or into other places. This is similar to, or the same as, the idea of the Akashic Records. To me, these talk of the wonderful intricacy and multi-dimensional nature of soul development. Of existence beyond linear time, beyond the structures of our understanding of the nature of past lives, here or on other planets.

When I asked my guides if I was a starseed, they told me yes, but I had also been a starseed before. They told me I am not new to this earth, but that I do bring new energy. That is how I feel it.

I feel that connection to elsewhere, and I feel that other family who are working with me at this time to help me on my path. I know there is more to my soul experiences than can be explained by a simple, linear explanation of Earth past lives. I also feel a long connection to Earth and its history. So am I a starseed? And does it matter?

Does it matter where I came from, or just where I’m going? I do believe that where I come from matters, because that informs me of the experience and learning I have gained throughout the ages, and what I am able to bring to my life path in this particular linear lifetime. It tells me what I need to release from my energy field in order to become the best version of myself that I can be, and it gives me information about the support I am receiving in this path I am travelling on Earth.

So yes, it matters to me. But it doesn’t define me. Although I relate to the idea of being a starseed, I don’t give myself that label, because as soon as I label myself I limit myself. My experience of the light tells me that it is far more expansive and complicated than our human minds are able to comprehend, and so, I try to avoid putting myself or others into limiting compartments.

For me, the idea of being a starseed encourages me to look for support in a new place. It guides me to connect with an energy that is of huge benefit to me, and it expands my sense of myself. It doesn’t change who I am, or stop me being Martha, it adds to my understanding of who Martha is, just like any other soul experience I may tap into.

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