Self Reflection: An Alternative to Blame

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I’m really excited to bring you a guided meditation, which aims to help you increase self-awareness.

It’s twenty minutes long, and you can access it free on YouTube. My channel is very new, but I’m planning to start posting a lot more content there, so please do click here and subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

Words and music by Martha Dunlop.

Why is self-awareness so important?

Imagine, someone is annoying you. They’ve been getting on your nerves for weeks. You know they’re just being themselves, but even though they’re not living up to your ideals, you feel judged by them and that drives you crazy.

Or maybe a friend has enormous potential but they’re not fulfilling it, and the waste makes you want to cry.

Perhaps someone close to you can’t see that their other half is taking advantage of them, using them or betraying them.

You’re angry with this person, because they’re messing things up, and when you’re around them, your mood drops, leaving you stressed and unable to function properly.

Yes, maybe you’re an empath and their energy is impacting you. Of course we pick up on other people’s negativity and limiting beliefs, and as spiritual types, we tend to put a lot of effort into protecting ourselves. But we can’t protect ourselves from our own stuff.

There is no barrier that we can build between ourselves and the work we need to do. Maybe you call this shadow work, self-work, letting go of your limiting beliefs, or perhaps you call it therapy. However you choose to relate to it, this work is the essential stuff of Ascension, of developing your psychic abilities and starting to raise your vibration.

Consider for a moment that the negative feelings you’ve sunk into, may not be someone else’s fault.

Yes, you may be the most spiritual person you know, but guess what, we all fall prey to this roadblock, and we all need someone to be there for us, to remind us to look at why we are being triggered.

What is this person is showing you about yourself? Are they mirroring your own undesired habits? Are they pushing your buttons so you react in ways that feel like a huge step backwards? Are they presenting you with your fears, or do they remind of you of ‘the bad old days’, the times when your emotions ran wild and you were unable to raise yourself out of the pit?

The key is to remember we’re not looking to blame. Blame is irrelevant. It holds us in the negative patterns we’re trying to resolve. Instead we need to raise ourselves out of our physical-world consciousness, to analyse ourselves as we might look at a character in a book or a film. We know where they’re coming from, we’ve seen it through their eyes, but we are also able to retain a more distant view, to understand how their distress relates to their past, and how it might be resolved.

We can see perfectly well when Frodo is being manipulated by the Ring and we’re rooting for him to be strong enough to rise above the temptation.

We want Edward to agree to make Bella a vampire, because we know that if he can overcome his fear, they will be happier.

Observing ourselves from a distance, and trying to understand what is happening inside our patterns and reactions, gives us the opportunity to find real resolution on issues that are bothering us. Once we understand what we’re afraid of, the fear often loses its power. This then enables us to disconnect and move forward in a way that is more aligned with the life we want to live.

Self-awareness is the key to personal and psychic development, and it’s something we all need to be reminded of regularly, because those patterns are just so compelling.

When I become aware of one of these triggers, I do my best to look at it from a distance. I wonder why it’s annoying me, and I follow the thought back to its root. Usually you can trace it back to a fear.

Maybe you feel people are trying to push you into behaviours that make you uncomfortable, that put you around people who try to push you to be other than you are. But you could reassure yourself, that you have moved beyond that now, and nobody can make you hide again.

Perhaps it annoys you that someone is always eating, because you are afraid you won’t be able to resist joining them. If you can trace that back to the root, really see how much the temptation upsets you, it might be easier to avoid the binge. Then, the other person’s food habits lose their power over you.

These things are relatively minor. Stronger and deeper issues will take longer to deal with. But every time you find that awareness, acknowledge the fear, and disconnect from whatever you no longer need, you take a step forwards in getting rid of the fog of negative patterns that surround you with triggers, and cloud your intuition.

Meditation is a great way to dig through the mire of possibilities. So I have put together a twenty-minute guided meditation for you. It balances your chakras and focuses on self-reflection. It is also infused with Reiki energy, so if you feel in need of healing, intend to receive it. You can access it for free here, or on Youtube.

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