Out of Body Experience, An Interview with Christy Sheehan

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Christy Sheehan

Born in the September of 1960, I am an only child so spent a lot of time in nature with bugs and animals. To this day I love bugs and animals. I was an overachiever as most only children are. In high school I was a track star and excelled in Science and Art. I went to college to become an Optician/Ophthalmic tech and also studied voice for 3 years at another college. I love college and could easily become a professional student.

Tell me a story. How did you get started with out of body experiences?

My earliest memory of out of body experience was when I was four years old. I would consciously awaken once I was out of my body and would fly out of my window to the front yard, where I would then fly to the top of our tall oak tree and hold on to the branches while I looked out over the city lights. All through my childhood years I did this never straying further than the front yard.

When you first had an out of body experience, did you enjoy it, or did you find it frightening at all?

Because I was a small child it was natural! I just assumed this was something everyone did. I really gave it no thought until I was older and realised not everyone remembers their soul travels. I found it quite peaceful and a relief from the emotional childhood trauma I endured, so I was glad to be out and free from physical or emotional pain. That all disappears when you leave your body.

How would you define the difference between an out of body experience and astral travel?

It’s a subtle difference actually. OBE is hanging around the house staying in your own yard or walking down the street. Astral travel for me came much later as an adult. I began Travelling to other realms, timelines, even going to school. I often found myself helping people cross over to the other side who were confused about what was happening to them. Being in my astral body it was much easier to communicate with them. I often went to India to visit the great temples where I met a guru who keeps an eye on me. To this day I do not know his name, but I see him from time to time.

I once found myself back in the dark ages watching the warriors returning from battle when I heard a voice say “get her out of there she is not supposed to be there” I was immediately slammed back into my body and that didn’t feel very good. I have overshot my body a few times and went down to the lower levels of existence; this is the place of nightmares! Always someone was there to pull me out, we are never alone.

Is lucid dreaming an out of body experience?

If you can remember to look at your hands whilst dreaming, you will take control of the dream and gain more consciousness. I believe a lucid dream is a less conscious out of body experience. I have had lucid dreams where I was aware I was dreaming but not in full control of it such as you are during a full out of body experience.

There are three classifications of Out of Body Experience:

1) unconscious reason-unconscious experience such as being in a coma,

2) unconscious reason-conscious experience such as the NDE near death experience. Most of my OBE’s fell in this category where I was able to re-gain consciousness once I was out,

3) conscious reason and conscious experience. This came with years of practice. Before falling asleep I would be hit with vibrations that felt like being electrocuted without the pain. This was the process of my soul disconnecting from the body and its five senses. This is where it gets tricky because the body thinks it is dying. Many people talk about waking up suddenly and they are paralyzed and gripped with fear, what is happening is that your body suddenly woke up while you were about to leave or are returning to your body. So now that you know what is going on, you just go through the disconnection or death experience without any emotion, not even excitement, or the vibrations will stop and you will settle right back into your body. I was in my early 30s when I finally was able to achieve my first fully conscious out of body experience with conscious reason-conscious experience.

Do you think everyone travels out of body whilst sleeping, whether they remember it or not?

Oh yes definitely. In 0ne particular experience, while out of body, I watched my grandpa sit up and leave his body. The next morning I told him what I had seen and asked him if he remembered. He did not remember, but he was thrilled to hear about it.

You should understand we also edit our dreams and many times will keep ourselves from remembering our experiences as a protective mechanism. On returning to my physical form during one experience I happened to come across myself editing my dreams like a film editor would copying and pasting. I was aware of myself editing but the “me” that was editing was not aware I was watching.

We are so multidimensional. OBE is a wonderful ability to have, however it in no way gives one infused or superior knowledge. OBE only teaches one different levels of consciousness. The Aghoris in India use OBE as a teaching tool to give their students enlightenment. It is called Prekaya Prevesha in Sanskrit but is not easily translated to English.

OBE or Soul travel is the closest we can get to explain the true nature of being disconnected from one’s body.

Are you able to have an out of body experience at will, or do you have to wait for it?

I love this question and that answer is NO. I’m not that evolved. I have to wait for it but I can create the intention to have one and I now recognise when it is happening. This is where Astral Projection would come in.

Through our daydreams or meditations we can at will project our consciousness. Kids in school are expert Astral Projectors through their daydreams.

Do you have any advice for people wanting an out of body experience?

I began searching the Eastern teachings for answers. OBE is about consciousness and it was difficult to find books on this subject when I was young.

Basically you have to have an idea that you are more than just your body. You cannot be afraid of being in your true form (well the Astral Body is just one form there are many light bodies we have but that’s a whole other topic). There are many many techniques I have read but really what has always worked for me was to whole-heartedly want that experience. Imagine it and give yourself suggestions to remember your dreams first.

Dreams of flying are actual OBE’s. You are already doing it so just tell yourself it’s time to remember and it will happen, though it may only seem like a dream at first.


Many thanks to Christy for this fascinating interview.

If you have had experiences of out of body experience, astral travel, or lucid dreams, please do share them in the comments below.

If you have any questions for Christy, you can ask them here in the comments, or in the blog thread of my Facebook page.

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