Energy Reading for April-May, Letting Go

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Tarot cards: the Four of Coins/Pentacles, the Chariot, the Nine of Coins/Pentacles.

The cards used are from the Legacy of the Divine tarot by Ciro Marchetti, published by Llewellyn Publications,U.S.. The deck is available on Amazon.

Channelled from The Light Circle.

You have been travelling through a period of extreme release.

In these recent weeks you have been challenged and presented with patterns, old and new, which have held you back and restricted your movement into this new energy. These patterns have arisen as a part of your journey. Their release is important for your step into this new energy of manifestation.

Many have been resisting the release of these patterns, and there is currently a residue of energy surrounding your planet.

This is being felt by many sensitives, who are experiencing overwhelm from the intrusion of this collective energy into their own, ever more sensitive, energy fields. As some of you increase in awareness and sensitivity, and others resist the change, you experience a conflict between those who are absorbing more and more from the world around them, and those who are creating a bigger and bigger fog of negative energy in their surrounding areas.

In this case, the sensitives are becoming overloaded, and those who are not releasing their patterns are becoming more and more frightened. This is a balance that can be redressed by acknowledging it, and putting your attention onto the process of releasing and holding a positive balance in your own aura.

Lightworkers can also assist the planet at this time by aiding with the release of the excess energy that is no longer needed. This will enable people to have a greater opportunity to shift the patterns that are currently holding them back.

This is a collective move, and yet it is an individual journey. By attending to your own personal energies, and preventing yourself from joining and adding to the cloud of overwhelm, you help the Earth as a whole to expunge the negative patterns that are holding you back from moving forwards into the ever-new paradigm.

By being aware of the light and darkness in your own energy field, approaching it without fear, and allowing yourself to acknowledge and release all that comes through your system, you help to raise the vibration of the whole. This is, in a way, a process of balancing and joining the flow, riding the waves, without the need to control and restrict.

This is a time of recognising that the duality you perceive in yourself is not a duality, but is in fact different parts of the whole. By releasing the fear of the darkness, you can find the light. It is not the darkness in itself that causes you problems, but the fear of it. Fear is the cause of so many of your problems, but by recognising this, you put yourself in the position of being able to overcome the issues that hold you back. For many, this is the greater fear in itself, and is therefore ignored. Now is the time to find your own inner strength, the strength that enables you to look at your fears, to understand them and to move on from them. To let go of the sense of inner threat and to move forward with a clarity and understanding that comes from true and honest self-reflection.

By letting go of these patterns, you enable yourself to move into a period of relative calm and fulfillment. This period arises out of your process of adapting your own approach to life, and flowing with the waves that carry you forwards.

This calm may not manifest in an external sense, but may mean that you are able to deal with external circumstances in a calm, peaceful and confident way.

At this time there is a sense of being content in your own energy, and being able to deal with what finds you. You can reach this point of stillness by going through the waves of change and release. Do not be surprised if those around you do not experience this stillness, because this process follows a different timeline for those who are not ready to address their own fears and blockages.

As the structure of the linear timeline shifts in relation to your personal growth, you will experience life at different rates and this is as it should be. The key is to find your peace in your own timeline, and to have compassion for those who are still struggling with their own.

As Lightworkers you have the ability to move beyond the restrictions felt by those who are unwilling to address their own energies and their own blockages. By doing this, you pave the way for many others to follow your path, now and forever.

Your personal growth is more than you believe it to be, it is your own contribution to the energy of the planet, to the energy of the universe and to unity consciousness as a whole.


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