Out of Body Experience, An Interview with Christy Sheehan

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Tell me a story. How did you get started with out of body experiences?
My earliest memory of out of body experience was when I was 4 yrs old. I would consciously awaken once I was out of my body and would fly out of my window to the front yard, where I would then fly to the top of our tall oak tree and hold on to the branches while I looked out over the city lights. All through my childhood years I did this never straying further than the front yard.

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Energy Reading for April-May, Letting Go

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You are now moving from a period of extreme release. In these recent weeks you have been challenged and presented with patterns, old and new, which have held you back and restricted your movement into this new energy. These patterns have arisen as a part of your journey. Their release is important for your step into this new energy of manifestation. Many have been resisting the release of these patterns, and there is currently a residue of energy surrounding your planet. This is being felt by many sensitives, who are experiencing overwhelm from the intrusion of this collective energy into their own, ever more sensitivity, energy fields. As some of you increase in awareness and sensitivity, and others resist the change, you experience a conflict between those who are absorbing more and more from the world around them, and those who are creating a bigger and bigger fog of negative energy in their surrounding areas.

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