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I was asked this recently and it made me pause. To me, energy work is what I do, it’s what we all do when we participate in this spiritual dance with purpose and intent, but it can be done in a more conscious way than that. And I realised I don’t hear so many people talking about it.

A friend recently told me she didn’t consider herself a healer, but rather an energy worker. To me, healing is a form of energy work that is focused on the body and emotions, but energy work can also be so much more than that. It can involve looking at old patterns, it can mean a process of clearing energies from people, places and institutions. It can be looking at your past in this life and others, and addressing recurring issues. Energy work can mean clearing blockages for others, helping their chakras to spin freely, helping them to raise their vibration. Or it can mean working at a global level to help raise the vibration of the planet, to help in the wake of emergencies or to focus on unity. Energy work is not bound by time or place. It can be done anywhere, at any time, and sent to the time and place it is needed. Energy work is what we, as Lightworkers, do, and at the right moment, it can be downright magical.

Reiki is a commonly recognised form of energy work that is focused on healing and balancing. Energy is channelled through the practitioner’s crown chakra, down to their heart and then out through their arms and the palms of their hands. This energy is used, with purpose, to help the client to a more comfortable and aligned energetic balance that also supports physical health. Reiki is just one method, and in truth, energy work can be learned without the access to expensive courses and certificates. It is an ability that begins to emerge as you start to clear your own personal blockages and open the channel between you and your guides, committing yourself to this process of Ascension and of helping others to raise their own vibrations too.

So how do we do it? I’m sure everyone has their own personal way, but I will tell you mine. I have a vivid imagination, so I naturally started off by using visualisation. I would create a picture in my mind, and keep it moving until I had visualised the entire process I intended. For example, to clear the energy in a room, I might imagine a beam of light, see it gradually move across every inch of a room, clearing away negativity and leaving the space balanced and energised.

The process of visualisation is powerful, but it isn’t enough. Behind the pictures needs to be a force of focused intent. The picture is the tool for manifesting the intent, but it’s not strictly necessary. You may have another way of focusing. Sound is an obvious one. I will often use my Tibetan singing bowl or a drum to clear the energy in the room. I play, I sing, and I know that the job is being done. And it is. I can tell the difference afterwards.

If fact, intention is everything. I’ve said this before, but I can’t say it enough. Nobody can say it enough. If you do all the visualising whilst thinking, ‘this isn’t going to work,’ then your intention of it not working will manifest. I also feel strongly that if you just ‘know’ that a room will be cleared in an instant, then it will. That said, the process can make things easier.

As I became more experienced at energy work, my process transformed. Rather than creating a visualisation, I started to open to my guides and to Source and simple allowing whatever was needed to come through. This was when my energy work started expanding. Because here is the thing. Energy work is what it needs to be. You cannot force an energy change onto someone, but with their permission, you can work with their guides, focusing on their highest good. If this is what is needed, the results can be staggering. At other times, the impact may be gentle and subtle. As a healer, an energy worker, I channel. I don’t decide what’s right for people. I open to their guides and allow them to use me as a conduit whatever is needed at that time.

Does this worry me? Am I concerned about what I’m letting in? No. I work with high vibrational guides and at that level I know they only work towards everyone’s greatest good. Would I channel anything that came my way? No I wouldn’t, because I am careful of my own energies and I don’t allow them to be meddled with unless I ‘feel’ a person or being is aligned with me. I know that to some people this is daunting, but the truth is, with practise, the difference between higher and lower energies starts to feel clear and distinct. There is no need to take it on faith. You learn to tell the difference, and you choose who to let in.

There are no quick fixes on this journey. Yes, you can be attuned with reiki, or learn any other number of healing or reading skills. You can channel energy to your client and that will be wonderful. It’s a beautiful first step on the process, or maybe a further step if you’re already on the journey. But it is only a part of the process. The real work, the big stuff that clears your channel and enables you to help others, that comes from first helping yourself.

Work on yourself. Get rid of your baggage, your patterns. Look at those things that loop in your life, happening again and again. If you find yourself saying ‘it’s happening again, why me?’ then really go into why it is you. What do you need to learn. This is energy work in itself. It is a process of working with your own energy to release that which holds you back, and to open to lighter, brighter energy that enables you to travel further on your path.

Energy work is transformation. It is understanding self, being clear enough to recognise which energies are helpful and which aren’t. It is knowing how to allow transformations to flow through you to yourself and those around you, instead of trying to control them.

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