Energy Reading March-April 2017, Open to Opportunity

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Channelled from The Light Circle. Scroll down for audio.

In March the push forwards is strong. So strong in fact that there is a polarisation of energy between those who are willing, no, eager to move with the change, and those who are not.

The first group will flow like water around the curves and obstacles that present. For this group, this time will seem exciting, freeing, the stuff of dreams, despite possible ups and downs.

They will move forwards towards their dreams faster than would previously have seemed possible, and those dreams may morph into realities that would not have even entered their awareness in the past.

These are the people who move forwards on their life paths, the journeys and learning they chose before incarnating on this planet.

At this time, if you are in a state of flow, you will feel connections, possibilities, solutions and opportunities flowing towards you. Embrace those you meet who resonate with you. Open to the opportunities that come your way.

At this time the rate of manifestation is high and you will get what you ask for. This may be a good thing if you are visioning your future. But if you are dwelling on that which you fear, you may manifest what you don’t desire.

Instead of fearing, try to focus on visioning an end to the scary situation, or a means of letting go of the anxiety. Imagine it, see it, feel it. This gives you the greatest chance of manifesting what you desire in this potent time of creation.

Another group will be presented with the opportunities for change, but will resist. The journey will seem too frightening and the urge to stand hard against the push will be overwhelming.

If you are in this group, you will be given many opportunities to follow the path you chose before birth. There is no end to the number of opportunities you will be given, so please do not despair if the change of course seems insurmountable. This Ascension is both breathtakingly quick, and as slow as you need it to be. The Universe has infinite patience with you and will wait until you are ready to enter the flow and embrace the path you have chosen.

Please do not get caught up in the stories of doom, of being left behind, of being outcasts. There are no outcasts in the reality of oneness and unity consciousness, it goes against the very fabric of being as every one of you is love incarnate and connected inextricably to every other being, whether physically manifest or light consciousness.

There is a third group who have not opted for Ascension in this lifetime and this is all well and good. It is not in line with their greatest good development path at this time. If this is you, do not worry. Your time will come when you are ready for it. As with the previous group, the opportunities never end.

This contrast between groups creates a disconnect. Part of the crucial learning at this time, lies in approaching others in kindness, whether they are following your trajectory or not.

For those who are ready to travel further on this Ascension process, letting go of judgement is a lesson that is strong in the energy at this time, as many are getting caught up in value judgements over levels of vibration, and different types of talents. Know that each person has their own individual path, and has been given the talents that match the path they have chosen for this incarnation.

What they do may seem easy to you, simple beyond words, or it may seem ridiculously impossible. Whichever is your reality, this person will inevitably bring something unique to the path, something nobody else offers. This is their gift to this world, to this Ascension process that is taking place on your planet and as such it is of priceless value.

The greatest gift you have to give to the world is yourself, your energy, your happiness, your kindness, your lack of judgment. What you see as lacking in others is most likely something that you are unhappy with in yourself. This is a well-accepted method of self-development and yet the reality runs deeper than most people realise.

As with the law of attraction, you attract the energy you put out, but more than that, you attract the energy you need at any given time. If people are annoying you, bringing friction into your life, there is a message for you, a message of responsibility that you are not hearing.

It may be that the message is to let go and walk away. To acknowledge that this is not energy you want in your life, or are willing to embody.

It may also be that the person is acting as a mirror, showing you a reaction in yourself that you are unhappy with, whether you are aware of it or not.

Even further than that, this person may be bringing energy in your life that has come from previous incarnations to be cleared and released so that you may move further on your Ascension process, and with greater speed and clarity than would otherwise have been possible.

The change on your planet is so dramatic at the moment, that you are all clearing for yourselves, for your social structures for institutions, buildings, the earth itself, the animal kingdom, everything.

You each come to Earth with an element of energy that you work to clear for the sake of the world you live in, because the build-up of negative conditioning patterns from centuries of third density reality is so extreme, that only the focused intent of Lightworkers can clear it at the speed that is currently required.

This is heady stuff. I acknowledge that the clearing is intense and can be uncomfortable, and please know that we, as a galactic community are beyond grateful for the service that you are providing to unity consciousness at this time.

By raising the vibration of the earth, you raise the vibration of the whole and that impacts us all at every level of existence.

For those who are ready to move even further forward on this Ascension process there is much you can contribute to the whole, and I would ask you to think about what you can bring to the process in connecting the world to the higher echelons of energy. You can be a bridge between the light beings and those who are still in third density consciousness. This doesn’t need to be through psychic services, although for many of you it will manifest this way. But it may be that you are a good boss, that you bring kindness to people who are suffering. That you connect people who struggle to reach out, or that you communicate things other people have no words for.

The smallest act adds to the energy, it does not have to be a career, or a public service. Each time you do a small act of kindness, you light a person up and increase the amount of positive energy on your earth plane at that time and forever.

Take one step at a time. Remain in flow and follow the path that lights up before you. Know that if it feels truly yours then it is, whether it is what you intended or not.

There is no going wrong in this world, there is only a faster or slower trajectory, and that is yours to choose.

For us, we are grateful for your energy and bring you all the help and support you need. So please do not hesitate to ask.


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