Health, the Body and Spiritual Awakening

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Channelled from the Light Circle. Scroll Down for Audio.

‘Health is subjective, it is not as you view it in your world, an absolute.

‘Perfect state of health is your natural state of being, and yet, time after time, your bodies degenerate.

‘In some cases this can be about facilitating an act of departure. For most of you this cannot be a spontaneous process, but must be physically prepared for in this life in the third density in which you reside.

‘The majority of times that you suffer from health issues, it is about blockages in your energy field. For those who are awakening, symptoms may be a clearing process, a time of releasing these stagnant energies that have become embedded in your field through many lifetimes. This process is natural and healthy, and is not indicative of poor health.

‘For others who are not on a process of awakening, poor health is the result of blockages that aren’t being addressed, blockages that are clouding the energy system and preventing the person from living in their natural state of health.

‘I realise that this is a controversial statement. These health issues cannot be dealt with quickly and easily. They are the result of years, decades, life-times of refusal to deal with issues that have been accumulated. The release of these energies take time, and this is not a popular pronouncement in your world.

‘Time is a third density construct, and yet your bodies are third density and fully adhere to this time construct by which you live. As you move further from third density reality, time will shift and will govern your bodies to a lesser extent.

‘For now, though you have awakened considerably, you still must adhere to the time system in which you live. And so, this energy work, this release of patterns, this release of negativity and blocked energy takes time as you see it in your linear world. This is not because the energy release takes time, it is because your body cannot adjust to too much release in one go. The change of vibrational frequency would be too much for a third density body to take, therefore this process is slow, in order to allow your body to adjust.

‘Many of you at this time have been on an accelerated awakening trajectory, and this has been exciting and uncomfortable for many, as your bodies are forced to adjust to this increased frequency with little or no preparation. There has of course been preparation at soul level, but the discomfort is felt in the body through symptoms of release. These may be colds, flu, headaches, backaches, stomach aches.

‘The positioning of the symptoms says a lot about the nature of the blockage. If you are experiencing a long term health issue, a long term stress issue or emotional issue, please look at where you feel the impact of this in your body.

‘If it is around your throat area, then please look at the way you communicate with the world, or more likely, the way you hold yourself back or refuse to communicate what really matters to you.

‘If the discomfort is around your heart chakra, please look at how you relate to the idea of love, love on a personal basis and love for the planet, for humanity. How compassionate are you? How much do you reach your own love energy out into the world? How do you relate to those closest to you in their time of need, and in your time of need. These should be looked at on as deep a level as is possible for you at that time.

‘Once you have identified an area of blockage, then please look more closely at this. Try to understand it from your current human perspective, and psychically from a meditative perspective. You may receive input from your guides or your higher self here. If you do not have that connection intact, or do not want to try, then open yourself to thoughts from your own mind, and ideas that may come through as pointers.

‘The purpose here is understanding to the point where the pattern no longer has power over you in a physical or emotional form. Once this has completed, you are able to release this energy through a process known as cord cutting and this can then help you to lift to the next stage.

‘Please be aware that the clearing process will then begin and that you may experience some discomfort as the energies release.

‘This is not a one-off process. It may take many years, or it may clear very, very fast. This all depends on your own personal history, and your own life path trajectory at this time on earth.

‘This process of understanding and release is something that is beneficial to everyone, in terms of clearing the channel, to allow for greater connection, greater clarity, greater lucidity. This will help you to relate to yourself on a higher level, and to begin to live from the highest version of yourself.


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