A Story of Past Life Work

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I’d had a week or so of heavy past life work that was leaving me with a neck and shoulder that were completely in spasm.

I hadn’t found these kind of past lives in a while. It was all I got in the run up to 2012, but since then, my inner work has changed so much, and I’ve been largely free of that heaviness. Not so this week.

While I was doing other things, pictures started flickering into my mind. They pop into my head much as you would remember something from your childhood, or even last week. They act like normal memories, except that I don’t know what’s coming next until I see it.

Next came the grief. It wasn’t personal grief. It wasn’t triggered by anything in this life, instead it was soul grief, sadness and hurt from so many lives of suffering. It washed through me, bringing me to tears. So I cried as I worked, and I sang along to the music blaring through the speakers, singing out the pain I had held in over so many lifetimes. I sang as the energy swept through me, and left me with a feeling of catharsis.

‘Get your head down and keep going.’ The words popped so clearly into my mind. And yes, I knew in an instant that in those lives I had seen, that was all I could do. I could either give up, or I could get my head down, and keep going forwards, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and hoping that I would get through the next day intact.

In the next moment (yes, it really did flow through this quickly), I realised that’s a sentiment I can still relate to. But why? I live in the first world, I have a good life, a happy life. I have no real need to get my head down and keep going, so why do I do it? Why indeed?

I began to look at the way I was doing things. I would start something, an exciting project, then it would become a new part of the routine. Then I’d start another project, and that joined the queue. I’m sure you’re starting to get the picture.

Somehow, all these exciting new projects became part of the burden I was carrying and felt unable to put down.

It never occurred to me that I could put those burdens down.

That’s the way this self-development lark goes. You keep doing something against all sense, because the way out just doesn’t occur to you at the time. Then it flashes in, in a moment of inspiration and you wonder why you didn’t realise ages ago. Why? Because you hadn’t yet learned the lesson the problem was teaching you.

I needed to learn about that grief, persecution and suffering. I needed to find out what those other versions of myself had to offer me. Once I had done that, the energy could release and I could get my realisations.

If I’m honest, my shoulder still hurt afterwards, so I knew more realisations and aha moments were on the way, but now the pain is nearly gone.

Since that moment of inspiration, I have been a little gentler on myself and on my body, as it accepts process of clearing this energy. The pain still flickers in sometimes, and it’s telling me something. It’s telling me to stop sooner, and to do less. To give myself a chance to heal and to give those insights the space to come through.

So far I have seen a number of lives connected with this work. There may be more, or there may not. I will not go into it with an agenda, I will just open to the energy and see what it has to teach me, to teach us.

This is a great moment of release. We are experiencing so much triggering right now, so much clearing and it hurts us, emotionally and physically. We can take this personally, see our lives as disastrous and cruel, or we step back and look for the lesson in our trials. Once we do that, we allow ourselves to get rid of some negative baggage we have been carrying around, and we also enable the patterns that are plaguing us to release so we can move forwards into a new way of living.

If uncomfortable patterns keep repeating in your life, this is a signpost that there is work for you to do. There may be past lives where you experienced a similar thing, or there may be issues from your childhood or even your adult life. These patterns keep repeating until the lesson has been learned, so the sooner we get to work on it, the sooner we can release it and move on.

I don’t need to get my head down and keep going this time around. I am lucky enough to be able to look up, to appreciate the sunshine and smile at the passers-by. Are there any parts of you where you could free yourself from these kinds of cycles?

Many of you will be used to digging into these kinds of messages, and you’ll be in contact with your guides already. For those of you who aren’t, there are many ways to access the kind of information and learning I’m talking about.

Meditation is always a great place to start. Make the space for those messages to come through. Open your mind and invite them in. You may be surprised at the difference that conscious intention makes.

Tarot or Oracle cards are another great tool. Tarot needs to be learned, but oracle cards come with a book, and a single card pull and a bit of time spent poring over the relevant information can be really helpful. You could try automatic writing, the way I, myself, began this psychic development process. Or, of course, you could go to a professional and get the messages in a more direct way.

The energy of the moment supports us in this process of releasing and it’s easier to do now than ever before. Care to join me in this wild ride?

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  1. I agree with Aaron. Past life work is not easy and at times we may not even want to do it because of the feeling and emotions that it can trigger. I’m glad you are continuing your journey and learning how to release so that you can find inner peace. Thanks for sharing!

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