Energy Reading for Feb-March, Flow is your New State of Being

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Channelled from The Light Circle.

‘The energies on your planet are changing at a faster rate than any of you are used to. This is proving challenging for many.

‘As people adjust to the differences in frequency, more and more negative energies are released. These are causing a split in your planet, with many descending into grief, whilst others revel in the changes taking place, and the return to a previously perceived golden age. But these energies of isolation, division and seclusion are no longer aligned with the future that you, as souls, have chosen for your planet Earth.

‘This leaves you in a process of transformation, of shifting from the old energies to the new, more aligned and lighter ways of being. This shift is currently intense. I understand it is a struggle for many to adapt to the changes and to accept the energies that are being released. But know that this is a clearing process, a shift that will bring you closer to the light as long as you align with this vibration.

‘There will be those who are unable to make this shift, and there will temporarily be a division in your society, with those operating in two different worlds so to speak, two different energetic vibrations, two different ways of being, of living, of experiencing this current energetic reality.

‘This split will in time resolve itself as those who are born into the new energy will differ in their makeup, in their development, in their intention. They will differ in the way they go about doing things, and the way they respond to the energies around them. This process will be gradual. It will not be the fast catastrophe that has been predicted many times. This is an old paradigm way of understanding the new ways of moving forwards and was very useful at the time. Now that the energy has changed, it is the moment to embrace the subtlety of manifestation, of creating from the energy that is within, creating the world in your image, from the inside.

‘In this month of February the changes on your planet are strong and there is a great deal of unrest. You can best deal with this by centring in your own power, your own energy, your own path. Focus on what you have come here to do and on how it might benefit the world around you. If you can, take a service-to-others focus. What can you do, that is in your skill set, which will help bring the earth to its higher vibrational existence.

‘Now is the time to step forwards as Lightworkers, as energy healers, as artists, musicians, writers and creators. Now is the time to inspire, to provide guidance, to remind those who want to listen that they have it within themselves to create, to become the beings of whom they would feel proud.

‘This is a revolution of individuality. A revolution of understanding that each soul has within its seed the ability to produce great things, to produce great understanding and to take great strides forward in this new and exciting paradigm.

‘As you move forward into March, the energies and the speed increase. If you stop fighting the changes, stop seeing the intensity as an attack, start to see it as a flow that would lead you forwards, lead you on your path to conclusion. This flow is your new way of life. The old energies are no longer tolerable and will be cleared regularly, quickly, more quickly than you imagine or are used to. This will create an intense forward movement, but may also be uncomfortable for those who resist the changes.

‘My advice to you in this month of February, moving into March, is to embrace the change, to focus as much as possible on the dreams that your heart has nurtured, whether or not you have spoken them aloud in the past. Trust that your heart will provide the answers your soul wants you to hear. Trust and flow with the energy that is paramount around you at this time.

‘Though there is much negative energy clearing from your world, there is also great light, great optimism, great hope and great ability to move the world forward in this time.

‘If you align with hope, you align with love and you add your energy to the collective doing its best to move this Earth forward into the new love paradigm and higher vibrational frequency. That is the goal of the Ascension process.

‘If you are currently aligned with fear, know that you are loved. Know that there are endless opportunities for you to release, and to step outside of the fear paradigm that you are currently embracing.

‘Know that you can ask for help. That you can ask for the right people to be guided into your life to help you through this difficult time. Know that if you pay attention, if you open, the opportunities will come forward, but it is your responsibility to recognise and to take them as they present themselves to you.

‘This is the time you have been waiting for, and yes, I know it is not currently the comfortable, joyful experience you hoped for. There are still many negative conditioning patterns, and low frequency energies on your planet that need to be cleared. This process is underway and we applaud you for your efforts so far. Now is the time to buckle your seatbelts and get ready for the ride, because things are not slowing down. Instead they are building into a great crescendo that will take your breath away or plunge you into uncertainty depending on your ability to adjust and to embrace new ways of being, living and loving outside third density reality.

‘So try to flow with the change, with the energy. Flow is your new state of being and it will bring you opportunities and authenticity you wouldn’t have previously believed possible. It will manifest your dreams, only more. Align with the highest version of yourself, and you cannot fail to succeed in your path, even if you don’t currently understand what that path may be.


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