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This is a channelled post from The Light Circle. If you would like to find out more about who I channel, click here.

I am starting to experiment with different media and this week I have included an audio file of the reading, along with the sound of my beautiful, Tibetan singing bowl. You can access this below. Please do let me know whether or not this is something you like.

From The Light Circle

‘The next month is very important as you shift from one reality to another. It is a shift in gear, if you will, a shift from self-care, to mastery, to moving forwards into a new paradigm, a new way of being, a new approach to life that will adjust with the energies that are coming through at this time.

‘There is much fear on your Earth plane at this moment, related to developments in politics, and to the potential for conflict on a global scale. The more you buy into this fear, the more you activate the fear frequency within your own chakras, and particularly your heart and solar plexus. This activate a fear frequency within your own body and escalates conflict with those around you.

‘My suggestion for you here, is to send love to the areas of the globe where you feel it is needed, in order to help the Earth to avoid the happenings that you fear, and that you see as detrimental to your time and development here on earth.

‘My suggestion to you, is that you send love and you rise above, so you can contribute to the energy development as it comes to you in waves that are applicable to your own vibrational level, and are in accordance with your path on earth at this time. Rather than living in the fear frequency, acknowledge it, send love to it and move beyond it. This is not your place and now is the time for you to step forward, to step into the light, to step up as the developed beings you are.

‘Do not get drawn into the ‘Not Good Enough’ paradigm. Know that the ways are changing, that however you are at this time is the right way for you to be. Know that your development is on an appropriate trajectory and that you do not have to accept anything as final, but instead to send love to where you are at this time.

‘This coming month is one where the change begins to bed in. You move from a position of resting, of assimilating, of taking energetic downloads into your system from the energy around you. These downloads have been available for some time, but have been increasing in speed, in frequency and in intensity over the past few years. These last few months on your Earth plane have been special, in that they have brought a new level of downloads into your system, and this has been hard for some to assimilate.

‘In December this change was allowed to settle before manifestation.

‘Moving into January, and then your month of February, this change is bedding in enough to allow you to start to progress further on this path that you have chosen for your own development and your own global contribution at this time.

‘I speak not just to you, Martha, but to all Lightworkers who have come here at this time to aid the global Ascension process, which is being enacted out on Earth. And will spread throughout the galaxy.

‘Now is the time to listen to those thoughts in your mind. It is the time to listen to those dreams, to listen to the niggling feelings in your heart that will not go away. If you always thought you could do it then try. Try with an open heart, knowing that it will either take you where you want to go, or take you where you need to go. Either way you have succeeded by opening to the energy that is flowing through you, and manifesting the next stage on this path.

‘This is a time when many people will dig their heels in and say ‘No’. Many people feel they are being pushed, prodded into defensive action and this may be right for them but there is another way.

‘I would like you to know that there is huge support for you here at this time. That the energetic realms stand behind you, with you, through you, that you are supported, held and loved. There is no end to the help you can get if you ask for it, manifest it, Intend it.

‘And so in this month of January, this month of action, and moving forwards into February, I say to you it is time to believe. It is time to put your faith in yourself, to put your belief in the energy that you have brought into this life and bring to the table at this time in your global community. I say that you have developed more than you currently comprehend. That your skills are greater than you realise. I say to you that the possibilities if you embrace your journey, your path, at this time, are endless.

‘Now is the moment to step up, to commit, to live by your own light instead of trusting only in the dictates of others.’

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