Learning About Ourselves Through Stories

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‘I feel as though I’m made of stories.’ I wrote this in a tweet recently, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I mean that statement from a very deep place. To me stories are part of my blood, part of my makeup. I function better as a person when I’m reading and writing stories, I actually feel as though they have a balancing effect on me, by enabling me to explore different energies and experiences from a distance, enabling me to observe. Stories help me understand the world and myself. When I read a good book I lose myself in it. I relate to the character so strongly that I can actually bring their loves and annoyances in everyday life.

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Current Affairs and the Ascension

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Guest blog from Ascension specialist, astrologer and psychic Helen Fatir.
We have moved into an incredible and exciting stage of the Ascension process. The energy we receive from the Universe is continually speeding up. We are speeding up and so is time. The result is that the gap between thought, intention and manifestation is decreasing. We are evolving into living in the ‘now’ moment or the present. Therefore it is more important than ever to be mindful of where and how we focus our thoughts and intention. Focus on what we want (‘for’ is of forward flow) and not on what we don’t want (‘against’ is restriction). Focus is a powerful energy or force, and we are ‘energy magnets.’

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Kindness: An Individual Responsibility

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I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness. It feels like it’s at the top of the agenda at the moment as we move into a very different relationship with Kindness as an idea. In many ways we’re kinder than we’ve ever been. History wasn’t kind. We look back and see battles, slavery, executions, assassinations, lack of medical care, need I go on? In modern times we care in a way that people didn’t in the past. We care about whether people are treated right, whether they are free and well fed. But on the other hand we, as societies, are still driven by self-interest, and in some cases, fear of differentness. So are we more or less kind? And does it matter? It seems to me that for many of us, this relationship is at the heart of our current identity crisis.

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Energy Reading Jan-Feb 2017, Believe in Your Energy

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From The Light Circle
The next month is very important as you shift from one reality to another. It is a shift in gear, if you will, a shift from self-care, to mastery, to moving forwards into a new paradigm, a new way of being, a new approach to life that will adjust with the energies that are coming through at this time. There is much fear on your Earth plane at this moment, related to developments in politics, and to the potential for conflict on a global scale. The more you buy into this fear, the more you activate the fear frequency within your own chakras, and particularly your heart and solar plexus. This activate a fear frequency within your own body and escalates conflict with those around you. My suggestion for you here, is to send love to the areas of the globe where you feel it is needed, in order to help the Earth to avoid the happenings that you fear, and that you see as detrimental to your time and development here on earth. My suggestion to you, is that you send love and you rise above, so you can contribute to the energy development as it comes to you in waves that are applicable to your own vibrational level, and are in accordance with your path on earth at this time.

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