Intention: The Big Daddy of Change, Powering up your New Year’s Resolutions

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Anyone can make a new start at any time. But at our New Year, we have a powerful opportunity to set intentions. The volume of people focused on change gives us a collective energy to tap into, that can amplify our intentions and help us manifest a real difference in our lives.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions and give up on them a week or two later? When you make them, do you really believe you will carry them through? Or in some part of your mind do you acknowledge that it’s really only a matter of time before you fail?

That admission, whether conscious or unconscious, is actually a counter-intention, stating that you choose failure. It is a request for this new start to crumble, maybe not at the first hurdle, but certainly before it becomes a new way of life.

Intention is the key to personal growth. It is the Big Daddy of change, the reason some people are able to succeed where others fail.

As long as you hold a seed of doubt in your mind, you are sabotaging yourself, creating a loop-hole to enable failure, and then pushing your finger into it and pulling at the edges until it’s so big you have no choice but to fall into it. In this case, you intend to fail, and so you are spectacularly successful in your endeavour.

But have you ever made a resolution that you believed in one hundred percent? Have you ever thought, I will make this work one way or another? Have you ever listened to someone tell you that something was impossible, that you would never make it work, and told yourself that you will prove them wrong? If you have, you probably know what I mean.

Once you start putting out a whole-hearted call to the Universe, you engage the Law of Attraction. This states that you attract what you put out. If you put out doubt, you will be ever more doubtful. If you put out fear, you will attract situations that make you scared. If you put out whole-hearted determination that you are going to bring positive change into your life, whatever that may mean, then you open your heart to a success that could be more far-reaching than you ever believed possible.

I say this with no sense of judgment or blame. Sometimes wonderfully positive people have horrible things happen to them, and negative people may seem lucky. Beneath everything lies our Karma, the lessons we came here to learn in this life, that we chose before birth. No amount of positive thinking will prevent you from having to face this learning, but your approach does determine how quickly you are able to move on, hopefully to something better.

Make your resolutions, but if you can, make them flexible enough, that if life offers you something better than you hoped for, you can adapt whilst holding true to your call for change. Visualise the outcome you want, plan how to begin, but be open to altering your route if you come across a better way. For myself, I will be visualising my book for sale on Amazon, being downloaded and posted out to readers. I won’t focus on the publishing method, I will remain open to what life brings and will trust that things will happen as they should. This way I welcome the successes I don’t yet know how to visualise. I may or may not achieve my goal in 2017, but I will get there, one way or another, when the time is right.

So remain flexible, but determined. Get rid of the nagging voice that tells you failure beckons. It’s not your friend. You are a strong, powerful being, the creator in your own life and capable of mind-blowing change. You just have to really want it to happen, and to chase it with your heart and mind combined.

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  2. I love your advice to make a NewYear’s resolution flexible yet determined – that feels to bring in ‘allowing’ -and I love what you say too, about intention. Great blog for today, really enjoyed it.

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  3. I enjoyed reading this Martha. It is great that you have a clear goal. I hope 2016 will be an exciting and fulfilling year for you!

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