Absorbing Happiness and Finding Peace this Advent

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I was a January baby, and I love Christmas. It’s my favourite time of year. 

I’m not religious, but for me, this time of year is profound. It’s a time when we come together and create something magical that is outside of our everyday manic existence.  It’s about what we offer each other and how we can create a place of serenity, love and peace to share with those we love, and with those who need our support. It’s about love and it’s about kindness.  

For me, Christmas isn’t a day.  It’s a month.  I love the fairy lights on dark nights. I love that most people around me are winding down. I love the music, the food, the candles and most of all the atmosphere. 

We talk a lot about needing to protect ourselves from negative energy. What we don’t talk about enough, is how great we feel when we’re around people who are relaxed and happy, when we absorb that happiness from everyone around us. 

This is what I love about Christmas. I look forward to spending time with the people I love and putting focus on ways to make them happy. I love that those people are more relaxed because the pressure to work all hours is easing. For me, It’s about bringing light into the darkness of the short December days, and being joyful about what we have.

I know I’m lucky. I know not everyone has a family to enjoy Christmas with and not everyone is happy. My family tends to adopt people who are on their own and draw them into what we have to offer, and we have done this at Christmas when it has been needed. Of course nothing is ever enough, but at least it’s something. 

I was lucky enough to go to a Steiner School as a child, and the time of Advent, which is celebrated there is still very special to me.  There are some beautiful ceremonies.  They have a spiritual rather than religious focus, with a strong emphasis on bringing light into darkness.  There is quiet, calm and peace, a chance to centre yourself, feel gratitude and a sense of togetherness. 

So often people complain about Christmas, saying it’s too commercial and begins too early. So if you feel like that, I say change it. Yes, you probably do have to do your Christmas shopping, but make some time to focus on raising your vibration this Advent, and bringing light to the people around you. If your own energy is clear and calm, others will feel better when they’re around you and you in turn will benefit from a more relaxed atmosphere.

Of course we all have our griefs, losses and sadnesses and I’m not suggesting these will go away. I’m also not suggesting that you should ignore them and put on a fake smile.  But you can take some time out of the commercial mayhem, time away from the chaos, the spending and the lists, to focus on what is important to you in your life and on what you need at that moment. Maybe you need to send love and thoughts out to a lost loved one. Maybe you need to put some energy into the life you want to create for yourself and to remember what actually is working for you. Maybe you just need to spend some peaceful time with your family or your pets or have some time alone. 

There is no one magic solution to the chaos that will work for everyone, but this energy of joy, hope and kindness is there for all of us to plug in to. And we all have the opportunity to add some magic to the energy that surrounds all of us. 

Kindness is often overlooked it’s something that has come under fire in this year of turmoil and upheaval.  Kindness is about how we deal with the people we love, those we come into contact with, and those who share this Earth with us. 

We are all different, but division leads us away from kindness and love and into suspicion. Instead I feel we need to honour our individuality and respect others’ differences. Let’s remember that we’re all here to share this Earth. If we spend less time judging others, and more time focusing on our own behaviour and understanding and releasing our own negative patterns and fears, we can more easily bring kindness to those around us, and to those who are different to us.  

This festive season is a period of opportunity for all of us, religious or not. It’s a time when we are surrounded by an uplifting energy that we can all tap into if we choose.  It’s a moment when more people are focusing on caring for others, on kindness and on peace and love. So let’s try to amplify this.  Take time away from the chaos and remember how much joy we can bring to people just by letting them know that we hear them and are thinking about what they might need.  

Kindness and time to reflect and understand our own reactions and behaviour will lead us into a better place to make the most of this opportunity to move ourselves forwards. 

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