You Can Communicate With Your Pet, Too!

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Nicole Guillaume is the founder of Guiding Echoes.

Her passion is to help others discover their gifts so they can lead a richly satisfying life. She is a reiki practitioner, angel communicator and tarot card reader. She has been featured in OmTimes Astrology and several other radio shows and publications.

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Have you ever wished you could speak to animals and figure out exactly what was on their minds? Maybe you tried to communicate with your pet telepathically, but you couldn’t pick up any information. Thankfully, that’s not the only way to speak to animals. You can speak to them using oracle or tarot cards too.

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to the concept of using tarot cards to speak with animals. It seemed a little silly to me at first, but I was blown away by the accuracy of the cards when I began to test them on my own pets, and my friends’ pets, too.

Once I became confident in my ability to communicate with animals using tarot cards, I set up a booth at a pet fair, and I became the most popular vendor there. I had a long line of people waiting to get a reading for their pets.

I was honored and inspired to be able to be the vessel that allowed pets to communicate clearly with their pet parents for the very first time. Many people walked away from their readings with smiles on their faces, and others walked away with tears of gratitude. It was an incredible experience.

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can use tarot or oracle cards to speak with animals. The best part about this spread is that you can use it for any animal. I’ve used it on cats, dogs, birds, rats, hamsters, lizards, and snakes. You might also notice that your accuracy rating is higher for pets than it is for people. I believe the reason for this is that pets don’t get sucked into games like “test the psychic.” They want a way to communicate with the people taking care of them, so they are more than happy to allow us, as animal communicators, to tap into their energy, regardless of the method we use.

There is no limit to what you can learn from this simple four card spread.

I use the Whimsical Tarot** for animal communication readings. In fact, I’ve dedicated this deck for that sole purpose, and I never use it for any non-animal related readings. It has a good, lovable, playful, and innocent vibe to it, which makes it a perfect match for nearly every animal I’ve ever read for.

Once you’ve formulated your question, hold the deck in your hands, and focus on the question. You may even want to look at your pet while you’re doing this, or close your eyes and envision the animal you are asking about.

When you’re ready, shuffle the cards until your intuition tells you to stop.

Lay out four cards.

Getting started:

The first thing you need to do is formulate a question. Maybe you and your family are about to move, and you want to know how this move will affect your dog. Or perhaps your cat has been extra loving lately, and you can’t figure out why that is. (If my cat became extra loving, I’d be suspicious too!)

Next, you need to choose a tarot or oracle deck that has the right feel to it. Don’t overthink this. Allow your intuition to do the talking, or simply grab the deck that you have a good, solid relationship with.

Card 1 – The situation as your pet sees it. It should go without saying that animals see things a lot differently than we do. That’s because they are more sensitive to energies than we are. This is why your dog may silently leave the room when your partner is yelling at the tv while watching sports, or why your cat may cuddle up to you while you are sick. They don’t understand the situation. They understand energy.

Card 2 – What your pet likes about the situation. Nearly every situation offers some sort of duality, and even a seemingly negative event has a silver lining. This card gives the animal the opportunity to acknowledge something positive in the situation. However, some situations (like the death of a family member) could be extremely traumatizing, so there have been occasions in which this slot has a negative tone.

Card 3 – What your pet doesn’t like about the situation. This card will also tell you if he’s upset, scared, or sad.

Card 4 – What your pet would like to say. He may give you feedback or advice about the situation you asked about, or he may totally take a detour and talk about something else. This card is the animals opportunity to share a special message with you, so pay careful attention to this card.

I should probably warn you that animal communication with cards can be addictive. Once you start to get good, accurate, and helpful information from the cards, you’ll want to help other people to communicate with their animals too.

** The Whimsical Tarot was illustrated by Mary Handon-Roberts and created by Dorothy Morrison. It is published by U.S. Games; Gmc Crds edition (6 July 2001). You can buy it here: UK US

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  2. I thank God for finding an article like this one; it is going to help me a lot with my cat. And I thank you for being so connected to the Source.

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  3. Thank you SO much. I was working with my tarot deck today and my little Rescue came up and sat in front of me. I showed her the cards and spread them out. I was shocked when she picked a card out with her teeth….the Four of Cups! Later, I looked at my calendar and realized that today is her 5 month anniversary of living with me. I can’t wait to communicate with all of my pets using this method! Blessings!

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