Energy Reading November-December 2016, Live in Kindness

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It has been an intense few weeks and this energy reading has been nagging at me for days. So I left my pre-prepared blog on the shelf and tucked into something new.

It’s not easy to leap into an energy reading in this current climate. Emotions are so high and judgments are flying around with wild abandon. Please know I send you this reading with love and acceptance. I offer no judgement, and if you don’t like what I say, feel free to ignore it and move on to whatever resonates with you.

The Light Circle had this to say:

‘As we have said before, you are currently undergoing a purging of the old energy that held you in the status quo and allowed you to identify with the third dimensional earth in a particular way.

‘As the earth changes frequency, and the critical mass of souls achieving higher levels of frequency raises, then so too must your bodies and cultures adjust.

‘There is currently a shift in reaction to the raising of consciousness and this is of clearing. It increases the potency of the purge and allows for a more complete cleansing of the old energy.

‘I understand that this is uncomfortable, and please know that your Earth is being flooded with cleansing and healing energy from light beings at this time. Never before has there been so much support for those who seek it. Never before has there been so much potential to raise your own vibration, or more people choosing to do so.

‘As they do this, the disconnect between certain forces in society and their own Ascension process causes discomfort. That sense of being pulled backwards, of being forced into an old mold that no longer fits, is most unpleasant and is causing a counter-reaction on your earth at this time.

‘Please do not think that I am minimising what is happening. I understand that it is worrying and this in itself is what will cause the counter-reaction.

‘The call is for people of your Earth to rise up on a conscious level, to refuse to join in the hate and fear. It is no longer enough not to hurt others. Now is the time to step into your own power and make a conscious decision to love where others fear, to forgive where others hold grudges, and to welcome where others say no.

‘This is something that can be done on a personal level each day, in your own lives. As more and more people behave in this way, there will be another critical mass shift that will take your development a step further.

‘At this time, you are at a point of realisation, recognition that the old structures are no longer serving you. And this is taking place on both a political and personal level.

‘Where in your own life are the structures that no longer serve? Where are the traditions and assumptions that trap you and leave you dreading parts of your life that you could otherwise celebrate? Where are the things that would free you to be the person you truly want to be? Because this is the crux of the matter.

‘You have been many people over your lifetime. You were born a baby, and as a child, grew up fulfilling a different personality with its own needs and wants at each stage of your existence. The same is true of adults although this is rarely acknowledged.

‘At this time, the moment has come to recognise what you have grown out of, and to be true to the You you have become, are becoming, or long to grow into.

‘That is the You that lives in the energy of the future and if you do not allow them to be born, you will remain stuck in your old patterns, always wishing.

Freedom comes from the ability to recognise limitations and to move beyond them, letting go of what no longer serves and embracing the new.

‘What are the dreams that would bring you back to life? What are you keeping secret that would free you to be yourself if you let it be known? What social niceties are allowing other people to see you in their own image? And what conventions are you pretending to embrace whilst silently hating them.

‘This is your life, and this day is your day. This is the day you can decide to truly be yourself, and to allow everyone else to do the same, with love and respect.

‘There is no need to hide, no need to pretend. Embrace the world with love and allow those who don’t flow on your frequency to drift right past to congregate with those on their own level.

‘You are love and it is your time to remember where you came from and to embody that love that you are made of.

‘It is time to find out who you truly are when you live an authentic life. Once you are living your own reality, you will find it easier to accept and embrace the different realities other people choose to inhabit.

‘Each person is on earth living their own unique path. There is no one right way to be, to behave or to believe. The key point is kindness, the ability to put love out into the Universe and the willingness to receive it in return.

By allowing your fear-based energies to clear, and by enabling other people’s fear-based energies to flow past you, you put yourself in the best position to help and enable the shift that is currently taking place on your earth, to release the old and to move into a kinder, higher vibrational way of living.’

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