Energy Reading October-November 2016 Following the Tide of Emotion

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Last week we had a Super Moon in Aries. Full moons are all about letting go, about clearing away the patterns we no longer need and leaving space for the new. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the sign most associated with forwards movement. So this has been a powerful experience for many of us.

Strong energy is not unusual right now, we have been experiencing it month after month. In fact, it often feels as though it becomes more intense each time. But it’s always different as it clears away deeper and deeper layers of the negative conditioning patterns we have built up over millennia of lifetimes. Now, as the energy changes, the clearing is speeding up to an amazing pace. It can feel tough and it can be exhilaratingly blissful depending on the needs of our own path at any given time.

I asked The Light Circle what were the key feature of this current energy and what we need to learn and focus on.

‘The fear is still gripping you right now. The fear focuses on whatever it has to play with in any given moment, be it physical or emotional. Whatever has the potential to worry you at any moment will rear its head in this energy, and that is because you are still in a major energy of clearing, of purging, of moving beyond where we have been.’

Does that mean that everybody will move beyond?

‘No, it is always a choice. There are those who have worked towards this for a long time. They may feel their passage is inevitable, but they need to remember a choice is a regular thing to make. Each stage in Ascension is an opportunity, not a given. You need to keep choosing, to keep moving beyond where you are at the moment. The process that you are involved with takes years and has many permutations. There are many ways it can aggravate your system in physical or emotional ways. It can send you into paralysis or crisis. At these times you may unmake your choice, take back your commitment to development and that is always your right. But if you are ready, then keep making that choice, keep affirming your commitment and you will fly higher than you ever imagined.’

And what about those who don’t choose?

‘They will keep working at their own rate. Please never see it as an option to fly or be punished, sent into a harsher, inferior world. Your world exists on many different levels, on many frequencies, and everyone experiences it on their own frequency. Your perception that you are all in the same place, experiencing the same journey is over-simplified. In fact, you are all in the same physical space on a myriad of different vibrational levels and realities, all of which are contained within the physical space that you call Earth. These realities sit in many different time spaces, many different moments and possibilities. Your relationship to all of these depends very much on your approach to your path in life. The point here is not to persuade you to embark on a more multi-dimensional path than you are on at the moment. Some of you already journey this way, others don’t. But you are all here to learn different lessons and there is no one right path. The point instead is to help you to understand and accept the many layers of existence open to you at this time. All are right, all are in accordance with your path, because ultimately, you will not choose anything that is not aligned, and you will choose all aspects that are aligned with your personal journey.’

And how does this tie in with the energy of right now?

‘The energy right now is calling on you to accept and to raise your understanding. There has been so much judgement, so much judgement of self and of others. In reality this is unhelpful and the doorway through which you are moving calls for you to let go. To let go of your expectations of your own divinity, and to really feel this divine light instead.

‘There are too many barriers that you are expected to cross at this time, which are in fact third dimensional in their own right. You think you need to tick boxes in order to be truly spiritual or Ascended, in fact, all you need to do is let go of your patterns, be true to yourself, love yourself and return to the Source which is flow and oneness. These expectations and barriers are the stuff of separation. Instead of ‘working hard’ now is the time to release your control of this spiritual process. Rest when you need to. Meditate or create when you are inspired. Grieve when the tears begin to flow. Celebrate when the happiness bubbles up inside you.

‘Follow the tides of your own emotions as you would follow the days of the week or the seasons. They guide you more seamlessly on your path than any other can do. You have been trying to answer questions about how to choose spiritual teachers or gurus, my answer is that even those who do not have faith in their own intuition can be their own guru. Your emotions are your truest guide and accessible to all. Really focus on your emotions, indulge them, do what they require of you. By really acknowledging, seeing your emotions and flowing with their tide, you will face what needs facing and put yourself in the place of being able to release what needs releasing.’

But many times people become stuck in the thrall of one emotion.

‘That is true, it is important to ride these emotions but to do so from a place of awareness. The emotion will keep looping until full awareness has been reached. If you feel that you are stuck in one emotion, then dig further into it to see if you can understand more. There will be layers that you have not yet uncovered. You may wish to do this by yourself, over a bottle of wine with friends, with a spiritual healer or a therapist. Your method is unimportant. All that matters is understanding and learning.’

And will this in itself lead us onto the next level?

‘This always leads you on to the next level, be it on the timescale you hope for, or not. It is the way of living and learning. Understand and making choices. The more aware you become, the faster this process and the more quickly you are able to raise your vibration. This is the concept of Ascension, raising your vibration at an increased speed and seeing your own progress week by week is something that was previously available to only a few. Now it is the right of the many.

‘Choose it and it will be yours.’

To me there is a sense of relief in these words. We don’t need to fight what we feel. We don’t need to spend every moment working on our faults and our fears. Instead, there are times when being present in where we are at any given moment will bring us the learning we need.

How are you experiencing this energy? Is it taking you on an emotional roller coaster, or are the clouds beginning to clear?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights, and they may be useful to others too. So please do share in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter.

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  2. I have finally been in a place where my emotions are finally chilling out after almost a full year of being all over the place. I felt them and now they seem to be on the outs.

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