Reclaiming Lost Innocence

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I was born with a belief in what I could achieve, and the knowledge that I didn’t need to follow the crowd. These are gifts I value hugely, and yet, over and over again, I have allowed life to erode them.

I’ve been thinking these last couple of weeks, about how I can reclaim what has become dormant. Of course I will never go back to the way I was before. That wouldn’t be progress. That would involve unlearning lessons I’ve absorbed the hard way. And nobody wants to go through those again. So how do we do it? How do we reclaim the beautiful, pure gifts that we were born with, whilst maintaining the valuable learning that can unfortunately knock our confidence and ideals?

The Light Circle had this to say:

“The heavy energies that you carry as you work through emotions and experiences in the third density world, change your frequency for a time and make the light harder to reach.

As ever, in these circumstances you have the choice. You can tackle these problems head on to release them, or you can hold the energy in your system in order to avoid facing it. The latter is when people become jaded, bitter and angry. I must remind you, it is in everyone’s gift to choose this option and there is no shame in it. Everyone must learn at their own rate, without pushing their own experiences onto others.

“Increasingly though, people are choosing to work with the energy from a productive, learning point of view. This began with the introduction of therapy into your world, and has now taken on a whole different slant with spiritual awakening and self or shadow work. In the past, few people had the ability to work with energy in this way, so those who could were revered or feared. This has, to some extent, lasted into your current time, because it is third density, fear based energy that many still cling to. But it is changing and more and more people are enabling themselves to make this shift.

“Enabling is the key word here. If you want to make the change, you must choose it. Then allow it to happen.

“If you have already made this choice then be glad, because you are on the path already. But you may still feel that your innocence has gone, been eroded by the difficult energies that you face. Firstly, think about why you may have encountered these energies. Did you have a lot of negative conditioning to let go off in one lifetime? If you are a healer, might it have benefited you to see life from the point of view of someone who feels broken? If you are a teacher, might these experiences have deepened your ability to impart your lessons? Trust, that if it has happened, there is a reason, and that reason is for your best and greatest good. I am not talking about fairness here, that is a concept born entirely out of your third density experience. I am talking about the lessons you decided to learn before birth, and which are uniquely formulated for your own development.

“Once you have accepted this, reach your consciousness for the light, in what ever way works for you. For some this will be meditation, for some nature, or music, dancing, theatre. You may choose to work within your dreams, or to do work to help others. Invite that light back in, and ask it to clear away the fear based shadows that prevent you from moving forward.

“If you REALLY feel this light, then there is no end to what it can accomplish for you, as long as your requests are in line with your path in life and your greatest good.

“So focus on the light.

“Let go of any sense you have that you owe the world your sadness, your skepticism or your anger. The world doesn’t want them. These are emotions that you have in order to move through your learning experience. They are part of the journey, but they are not the goal and they are not there to be hung onto as a prize. Allow yourself to let go. Allow yourself to be optimistic and joyful. If that feels wrong, just try it for five minutes each day. Or try it in an area of your life in which you have not yet become jaded. See if it works for you.

“I should remind you, that I do not suggest you cover your traumas with sadness. This can only work once you have faced your lessons and come through the others side.

“But whichever side of those lessons you stand on now, know that by choosing to develop, by choosing to raise your vibration and move forwards in your development, you invite light into your life and can draw on it for your own joy and happiness. Open to it when you feel able. At first it may be a rare experience. But if you choose it every day, and do your work, you feel the light, the joy, the innocence more and more as a part of your daily life. It will become a reason for being in the way that works best with your soul.

“It is flow. It is bliss, it is joy.

“Follow your bliss and you will get there faster. Do what you love. Make time for it. Be in flow. Allow yourself to open to the possibilities, and for one tiny second, consider that you might be capable of them. Start there. There rest will follow if you choose it. Choose it now. Choose it tomorrow. Choose it every day until you decide you no longer want it.

“Choice and intention are everything. Choice and intention are energy, the most powerful energy you have at your fingertips. Put the power back into your choices, believe in your own ability to manifest what you choose to hold in your life. This is the way back to the gifts you were born with, the ones you were meant to have, to help you on your path.”

So this is where I will focus. I know I have let go of a lot, but I also know there is more to work through. This current energy is bringing up a lot of old patterns to release, which is difficult. But it also gives us an amazing opportunity to accelerate our own development, raise our vibration and move forward towards a state of manifestation.

So I would like to invite you to come with me on this journey. Please do share your thoughts and experiences in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter. We all have our own ways of working, and the more we share those, the easier it is for those wishing to begin this journey of development.

Love and light to you all.

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  1. Very timely. I am definitely feeling the resurgence of things I thought I had dealt with 15 years ago. I have to say, when I was a bit younger and less jaded it was easier to work through them! Now it is kind of like, “Oh, that again! I thought I had dealt with that already!”

  2. Thanks for writing this piece, I’m feel I’m at the start of a new journey, and this has been a great article for me to look inwards and release old patterns and move forward 🙂

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