What is Fear and How Does it Serve Us?

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Fear is a natural reaction. In many cases it’s a helpful indication of what is and isn’t good for us to do. Fear of extreme heights stops us from jumping off cliffs and tall buildings to see what it feels like to fly, but that sensible fear of heights can easily progress into a terror of standing behind a railing and admiring the view. That is when it becomes a problem, when it stops us from really living.

As we experience the current shift, fears come up to be released and transformed. This puts us under pressure.

For me it begins in my solar plexus, that uncomfortable fizzing sensation that so successfully lets me know everything isn’t right with the world. Then the thoughts begin to circle around and around in my brain until I get to the bottom of things and release them.

I always like to examine the fears that come up for me. But this time I have been drawn to look at the concept of fear itself, and what purpose it fulfils.

We talk a lot about love and fear, how they are opposites and one cannot exist alongside the other. I’m thinking about that, imagining it in the real world and wondering if a completely fear free life is what we mean by that statement? Will we really lose that cautionary fear of a near miss car crash? The adrenaline that helps us keep our loved ones safe?

I think that’s almost a different emotion, and I’m not sure we do ourselves credit by lumping it in with the crippling, life-altering kind of fear that can shape our daily behaviour and derail our dreams. One is a natural guide, the other is our shadow side, our life lessons, packaged neatly with a bow. The more we ignore that kind of fear, the more it turns into a monster.

This kind of fear is contagious. Try talking to someone who is in a panic. I challenge you to come out of that feeling calm. I know if I have that conversation too late in the day it will keep me awake at night, because that person’s energy will be pumping around my system. That is a real danger of electronic communication because it allows people to offload their anxieties onto others at any time of the day or night.

This is a serious problem, particularly for sensitives. So how do we deal with it? We can of course put up protection, but I think mostly this happens because someone hits on one of our triggers. They find a fear that they can pass onto us, and that makes the protection useless, because we are being presented with something that we need to face.

And so it comes back to the same thing as always. Needing to understand and transform our fears. It’s probably becoming boring hearing me say that, but honestly, this is the essential stuff of Ascension, of raising your vibration, becoming healthier, developing your psychic senses, all of that.

Fear is heavy energy. It blocks us, gets in our way, holds us back and stops us thinking and functioning properly. It’s there as a kick in the backside. ‘You thought you were done? Have you forgotten this work that needs to be done?’

If we take that as the message then great, we can understand and transform it. But what if we don’t? What if the fear is just too terrifying to face? Well maybe we shove it under the carpet and try to ignore it. Or maybe we hang onto it, hug it to us, wear it as a badge of honour. ‘I’m afraid of this. This is a special thing about me.’ And yes, you are special. And yes, the things that are different about you are glorious, but your fears, they are there for you to release, not to embrace. Embrace your inspiration, your courage, your loved ones, Let your fears go.

You don’t have to do this all at once. None of us can do that. I still have plenty of fears, so does every other spiritual person out there. The key is to look at them one tiny piece at a time. Work your way slowly through each big fear. For a while you will think you’ve sorted it, then guess what, you will be triggered and it will come up for review once more.

Look at it, work out what it really means to you, not the obvious meaning, but the deep, dark one that you’re not sure you want to look at. Once you’ve nailed that, you can cut the cords and move onto the next strand that stretches across the pavement to trip you up.

And do you know what, the more you do this, the easier it becomes, and the fewer nasty surprises come your way. Because the more you ignore those trip wires, the more brutal they become until you really notice them and take them seriously. And believe me, you can’t step gingerly over every one, they are tricksy things that do their very best at camouflage, and their best is pretty kick-arse splendid let me tell you.

No, the only real way is to find what those trip wires are attached to and remove them entirely. Then hopefully the next one will be a little easier to figure out, because by that time you’re a bit more experienced. Before you know it, you’ll be a prize-winning trip wire hunter who is rarely caught unawares, and yes I do mean rarely. They’ll still get you once in a while when you least expect it.

I’ve said this before, often, I know I have. But we all need reminding continually, myself included. Because one thing fear is a ninja at, is making us forget what we really know, what we know helps us. It makes us forget how to look after ourselves. So I’ll remind you, and you can remind me. And we’ll keep disabling those trip wires until there are no more left.

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  1. Thank you for writing about this very important topic. Fear is such a crucial e motion and a survival Instinct. Thank you so much Xoxo

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