Energy Reading September 2016: A Portal Into Manifestation

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Everyone seems to be tired right now. I’m tired. At first I thought it was just because I was doing too much, not getting enough sleep. But the more I talk to people, the more I realise how many others are feeling the same.

So this week I decided to dig into the energy we are experiencing right now. I keep telling people the energy is big, and more than once I’ve been reminded that I’ve been saying that all year. And ain’t that the truth! This year has felt like an enormous roller coaster, with us moving from one big astrological transit into another, and it’s still going on.

I’d like to just take a moment to talk about the impact of astrological transits. They’re never isolated events. Each one is a learning experience that moves on from the one before. Each transit shifts us a step closer to our destination of self-understanding, truth and enlightenment. Or it can be another opportunity lost, another excuse to live in fear. Which of those it turns out to be for you, is always your choice.

So transits are exciting? Yes, I do believe they are. I anticipate even the tough ones, wondering what I will discover in their midst. Yes, they can derail me. Yes, I can find them difficult to live through. But holding onto that openness and optimism is key.

Back to now. I asked the Light Circle what was going on, and they told me we were in a portal. Now I realise that may conjure up dramatic images of time travel. What it actually means, is that we are in the process of a huge and fast shift, a change in consciousness that can take us to a different level of existence and understanding. As always, this shift is optional, but as always, life is much easier if you flow with the energy of change rather than fighting it.

The Light Circle Said:

“This shift takes you further towards the clarity of thought that will enable you to manifest all you have been working towards. Self-deception is becoming harder to maintain and endure, because it is contrary to the flow that is taking your planet towards truth, enlightenment and manifestation. If you want to manifest your goals, open to that flow, let it in and allow it to wash away the shadows, the anger and resentment and fear that have been holding you back.

“You are on a steep trajectory now. The learning curve that was begun after 2012 is now an accelerated process, leading you closer to the state of manifestation. This will not be sudden change, but you will begin to notice that it is easier and easier to create the life you want, and this trajectory will increase incrementally the more you release your baggage and open to energetic flow.

“Of course a state of manifestation also enables the creation of the states you don’t want, the things you fear and dread. To this, I say focus on what you want. Focus on your heart’s desire, because soon you will be manifesting what is in your thoughts more quickly than you could have imagined.

“There has been a great period of preparation, a practise time if you will. This is leading you up a steeper and steeper path towards the current goal which is a state of increased awareness and manifestation.

“Do not cling to old patterns. Let go and allow life to shift. Change your appearance, move your furniture around, book a holiday that is completely different to anything you have done before. Put yourself into a state where you embrace change and this will enable a much smoother process from one state to another.

“Please remember that manifestation and awareness are your true state. That is how you are in spirit, able to create from your thoughts at will. In coming to earth you gave up these freedoms and accepted the limitations that came with a third density existence, until this point.

“Now embrace the change, let go and accept the new that is coming. You are creating new worlds, each and every one of you. Please make sure that you choose to live in the version of reality that best suits your needs and desires, because you thoughts are more powerful than you would ever have believed possible.”

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