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Do you like old houses? I love looking around a stately home. I enjoy the old furniture, the libraries, getting the feel of the energies in the place. I wouldn’t want to sleep in one, but for a day out it’s like a gateway into a different reality.

This summer I visited a beautiful manor house. Nobody I was with wanted to look round the house, so I went on my own. I’ve not explored one of these places alone before, and I relished the opportunity to really focus on the energies without distraction.

There was a wonderful collection of old, leather bound books. They were everywhere, shelves and shelves of beautiful volumes and nooks and crannies to read. I walked into an office where a huge portrait of a woman sat behind the desk. I knew the man who sat on that chair had loved the woman in that picture. He had been proud of her. The room made me smile. I later found out it was his wife.

The next room was cosy, a living room decorated in warm reds with a lovely, homey feel. I chatted to a few people as I stood, soaking in the atmosphere. ‘This is a lovely feeling room, isn’t it?’ Said one woman and I smiled. It wasn’t just me picking up the friendly energies here.

A member of staff had told me there was lots of ghostly action down in the kitchen, and she wasn’t wrong. The kitchen and the sprawling network of cellars had a very different feel to that upstairs living room.

Down here, my head was starting to hurt and my crown tingled. I was very glad of the psychic protection I had put in place, and I knew I was safe, but this wasn’t an easy place to be.

I came upon a tiny store room with an apron hanging from a hook in the ceiling which swung backwards and forwards. There was a couple in there and the woman shivered as she watched it swing. In truth, there was a bit of a breeze down there, but the atmosphere in that little room made the simple movement feel ominous.

I don’t see spirits with my eyes, but I can feel them, hear their words inside my mind, and sometimes I can see them in my mind too. This one didn’t want me there. It didn’t want to be moved or interfered with. So I agreed to leave it be.

I explored further. An area that felt particularly creepy was roped off and I wondered why. What had happened down there? But I didn’t pry.

In the last room downstairs there was a collage of messages from visitors. It was littered with comments about the ‘creepy cellars’.

This really got me thinking. People wonder whether places are haunted, and they talk about whether or not they believe in ghosts. But many people don’t take their own perceptions seriously.

I went to that house and consciously read the energy, but there were plenty of other people around me picking up the vibes without doing it intentionally.

When you find yourself drawn to a place that feels nice, or makes you happy, you are picking up on the energy. Maybe good things have happened there, or it might be somewhere that’s special to you. If it has a higher vibration, it might help you to pick up on messages from your own guides or angels.

On the other hand, if a place feels creepy, or you always feel angry or frustrated after spending time there, then the energy isn’t good for you. You can trust yourself that you are in fact using your senses to pick up information, and take this as a sign that it’s time to use a bit of psychic protection.

Listen to your reactions and feelings. Maybe you went to a cathedral and felt moved, or visited the site of a battle, or a murder. Hospitals can drag you down, the office can make you feel heavy and tired, and a nice beach makes you feel relaxed.
If you’d like to try this out, go to a church, an old building or your old school.

Don’t focus on ghosts. Try to tune into the energy of the place. Concentrate on how it makes you feel. Do you get any strange thoughts in your mind, do you feel welcome? You don’t need to do anything with these impressions, unless they relate directly to you (as in the case of your old school for example). Just allow yourself to perceive and then move on without attaching.

By paying attention to the things you are picking up, you are using your intuitive senses. It was a long time before I considered myself psychic. I knew I was intuitive, but I compared myself to others and didn’t trust myself. It was only when a certain friend laughed and said, ‘ but of course you’re psychic’ that I started to give myself credit.

We are all born with intuition, and everyone can develop it if they decide to put in the work. And by work, I mean facing up to your fears and blockages and clearing your fear-based conditioning patterns. These are what block your psychic senses. The more baggage you clear, the more you can use the impressions you get in a constructive way and start to experience the world in a more complete way.

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  1. Beautifully written Martha! Thank you 🙂 I also love the photographs.And I like how you said don’t focus on the ghosts focus on how you feel. 🙂 Many blessings and much love!

  2. Martha,

    I love how you describe each room and your feelings as you went through each room. I almost felt like I was there with you.

    I have a very strong intuition, I always have, and I listen to it. I would really like to develop it more, so I could really be in tune more and be able to do readings, even if it’s just for myself.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much, Lisa!

      You definitely can develop your intuition. There are so many ways you can do it. Learning a method of doing readings, like tarot or other cards is a great way of getting started, but there are others too. I started through past life work. I reckon if you put out the call for your right method to make itself known, you would feel drawn to something, or an opportunity would present.

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