Using Automatic Writing to Develop Intuition

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I discovered my spiritual journey through automatic writing.

It began quite suddenly when I did my first meditation and saw a past life. I was a teenager at the time and found the whole thing extremely exciting. If I’m honest, I still do.

I saw a moment in that life which played in my mind like a slightly fuzzy TV screen. I didn’t hear sound through my ears, but I knew what was being said because I heard everything in my mind telepathically.

As with all past life work, the next stage was to work out what this meant. Why was I being shown this particular scene, and what did it mean to me.

This was where the notebooks came in. During that period of my life, I filled piles of them with information about myself, past lives, how they related to my patterns in this life, and what fears I needed to let go of. Whenever I had a question, I would write it down, then I would open to my guides and write down whatever came into my head.

This was my introduction to channeling, and it is still my preferred method. I’m doing it right now.

Often the information doesn’t lodge in my brain, it will pass through my mind, out of my fingers and onto the computer. I don’t need to try and remember anything, or wonder if I’m getting it right. I can go with the flow, because I know the last words are already there on the computer and won’t get lost.

Channeled thoughts don’t originate in our own brains, they travel in from outside, and move out again very quickly unless there is something to ground them in this world. This is one of the benefits of automatic writing. There is no anxiety about forgetting the words, because you put them straight onto the paper or your computer.

The first thing to do, is to write down your question. Ask something that is relevant to you and your own development. Don’t ask a yes or no question, that’s much harder. Also avoid questions where you are hoping for a specific answer. That kind of emotional bias clouds the airways, stops messages getting through, and makes you doubt everything that comes to mind. Instead, ask for help understanding a situation. For example, you might ask why a certain person is triggering you to act in a negative way. You could explore what a vivid dream means, or what issues a physical illness or symptom is directing you to look at.

All of these things show us imbalances or blockages within our energy. The more of these blockages we get rid of, the more clearly we connect with our inner wisdom. This is because those fears and blockages act like heavy clouds around us, muting the love messages that come through from the universe to help us evolve. So for now, focus on asking questions that will help you understand yourself better, and aid you in clearing away some of that fear based fog. This is the way to develop your intuition and raise your vibration.

Once you have written down a question, you are ready to meditate. Ask your question, then just start to write.

Write anything.

Write about how you feel. Write whatever comes into your mind and try to relax into a state of flow. It doesn’t matter whether or not you begin to channel, there’s plenty of time for that. Just allow yourself to let go. That’s a big challenge in our modern, control-based society.

Afterwards, look at what you wrote. Does it make any sense? Has anything surprising come through? Is it written in a style you are used to? Were you able to get any answers to the questions you posed?

If not, don’t worry. How quickly this starts to work depends on how much experience you have in meditation, and how much you have worked on yourself already. If you are new to the process, treat it as a relaxation, and give yourself time to open to the flow. If you really want it, it will come at the right time.

Do this process as regularly as you can, and it should become easier. If you get pictures instead of words, great, describe the pictures in your own words. Remember, intuition works differently for everyone.

Similarly, if you are given smells, tastes or feelings, describe them and move on.

If you do get something, hopefully it will have given you more
information on the problem you chose to address. This is the first stage in the process.

Once you feel you have grasped it, you may be able to disconnect from the issue that is causing your problem. This will begin to reduce that cloud of deadening energy that is getting in the way of your inner voice coming through.

If you approach the exercise this way, looking for the fear based patterns that you need to let go of, you are far more likely to receive help from your guides. They will always aid you if it is in line with your highest good. If you ask a question you are not supposed to know the answer to, you will not receive information, so try to rephrase it, or ask something else.

Developing intuition is an exciting journey that is different for everyone. Be prepared to take it slowly and to respond to prompts that come from the universe whether it seems convenient or not. Accept that sometimes we don’t know what is in our highest good, and that going with the flow can bring us life experiences that are greater than we ever knew were possible.

Writing is a fabulous, low pressure way to develop your intuition, it’s how I learned, and it’s still my favourite way of working. But there are others. Try it, see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, try something else.

Finally, please do let me know how you get on and if you would like to, share any insights you were given. Together we can make this journey that bit easier.

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  1. “Do this process as regularly as you can, and it should become easier. If you get pictures instead of words, great, describe the pictures in your own words. Remember, intuition works differently for everyone.”

    Yes – that is exactly right! A lot of people give up on this after they try it to first few times, because they think it doesn’t work for them. It works for everyone, but it is a SKILL that must be built up. Even old pros sit down once in a while, and nothing comes out. Sometimes your in tune, sometime you aren’t. Sometimes the energies around you have something to say, sometimes, they don’t. The key here is to keep practicing, even when it feels as if nothing is happening.

    Intuition definitely works different for everyone, and so it’s important to play with it to see what works best for you. Try writing at different times. Maybe you find it easier in the wee hours of the night (when your mind is tired), then you do in the morning (when you have a long to-do list running through your brain). Experiment with foods too. Maybe you receive messages easier on days where you eat light as opposed to days when you eat heavy. All of these things can affect your ability to channel, so treat it as a science experiment and experiment with it.

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      Thanks Nicole. That’s so true. It’s easy to get caught up in looking for experiences other people have had, or trying to label things to suit what you’ve read. All that really matters is that you get the experiences you’re supposed to have, and that you make the most of them. We all have different gifts to bring to the table!

  2. Thank you Martha for taking the time to share your world and your practice with us once again so beautifully.I myself am not a believer in past life per se but I do enjoy automatic writing to tap into my intuition And the unknown.

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