Interview with Eclectic Witch, Aaron Lozano, of Turtle Heart Tarot

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Hi Aaron, thanks for agreeing to visit The Curious Mystic today. You describe yourself as an eclectic witch. What does the term ‘witch’ mean to you?

I have never really put much thought into what the term ‘witch’ means to me. You really got me to thinking there. That is good! I guess (in my own words) a witch is a person who takes the energy from around them and manifests such wonderful things into this world.

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Guided Meditation: Manifesting a Kinder World

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Today when I meditated, I saw myself spending five minutes each day putting positive energy out to our global community and visualising the world I want to live in. I plan to do this every day at 7pm (BST). I would love it if you would join me from whatever time zone you are in. If you can’t make that time, then do it when it suits and ask for the energy to be sent to join with mine. Or just do it in your own time, whatever suits you best. Positive energy is never wasted.

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Working with Energy Outside of Time

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Last week I invited you to join me in a daily five-minute meditation, and suggested that you could do it out of time and send it to 7pm. Working outside of time is something that has been coming up more and more for me. I have always known energy could be used remotely and sent over a distance, but it was only when I took my Reiki Level 2 that I started working outside of time. For many of you reading, this will be something you’re used to. For others the concept may be new, so I will explain my feelings on the process and why it works. Time belongs in the third density, physical world. It does not exist at an energy level. This means all of our past lives actually exist simultaneously, along with all moments of this life, past and present. I understand this can be hard to get your mind around, but when you do, the possibilities are very exciting.

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