Self-Care: Serenity in a Chaotic World

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We all know we should look after ourselves, but how often do we actually follow through?

I am writing a book, writing a blog, keeping up with social media, and living a life outside of the written word. It’s tough to get all of that done in 24 hours, so self-care often goes out the window.

Worse than that, because I feel like I never have enough time to focus on any one thing, I judge myself. Can anyone relate to that? Yes, I thought so.

A few days ago I had a Reiki session and I had a strong message come through about self-care. In fact, I was told that our habit of expecting too much, and judging ourselves when we fail, is in fact a form of self-harm.

On an energy level there is no judgement. There is no timescale in which we need to complete our path, and there is no pressure to get everything right.

The pressure comes from society and our physical, third density world. We live with a great deal of stress. We expect it and don’t think twice when we experience it. We get used to the idea of our bodies shutting down with illness when we go on holiday and brand it as normal. But could things be different?

I’m no doctor, but even I can see that the constant pressure sends a form of poison to our bodies. We all know stress can make us ill, can make us feel sick and generally lower our immune system. Even if we don’t know it medically, we know it intuitively as we put bugs down to having ‘burnt the candle at both ends’ or to a ‘stressful time at work’.

Psychically, this kind of stress clouds the airwaves. It gets in the way of the message and pollutes our clarity. We may be able to read for others, but reading for ourselves becomes virtually impossible. This makes it doubly hard to deal with the source of stress, which in many cases, demands that we look at our patterns and release what we no longer need.

So how do we change?

The Light Circle had this to say:

‘Perfection as you see it is a human concept and has no place in personal development. There is no such thing as perfection in your human world because there is always room to develop. If you reach that state of oneness and true being, then you cease to incarnate, because the body does not easily contain that level of energy.

“Instead of aiming for perfection, try for peace in all that you do. Aim for joy, for the knowledge that you are truly living the life you have come here for and being the most authentic version of yourself that you can.

“Aim for the knowledge that you are facing your fears, releasing and transmuting the energy. This is the way to lead the most perfect life that you can, to lead the life that will bring you the greatest presence in each moment.

“In your modern world you tend towards the scattered. One of the lessons you all have to relearn is the ability to focus, to be truly present for those around you, whilst making the most of the opportunities your world brings. This may not be easy, but it is a lesson that is being presented to many of you at this time, and one that you would do well to pay attention to. Learning this lesson successfully will bring you to a greater level of joy and peace, even in the midst of difficulties.”

Now, I’m not suggesting any of us can just decide not to worry about a stressful situation. But we can take the time out to look after ourselves a little, and we can try much harder to live in each moment.

In my Reiki session I had a series of ‘time out’ possibilities paraded through my mind, and all of them looked wonderful. I need to read, to meet up with friends, to do a face pack, have a bath and go to bed early. Yes, I need to work and live an adult life, but sometimes I need breaks from it too.

The more serene we feel, the easier it is to make time for those breaks. But we all need to remember it’s the moments when life is going at breakneck speed, when the stakes are high and we’re finding it impossible to switch off, that we really need to relax.

And when we have these breaks we need to be in them fully, not constantly checking our phones for Facebook and Twitter notifications. We need to concentrate on the people around us, and then focus on work when the time is right. The danger of multi-tasking is we can end up feeling that we’re not doing anything properly. Then we’re back into that tricky realm of judgment.

So I call time out, for me and for all of you. Let’s do our work and do it gloriously. Then let’s turn off the computers and phones to spend time with our families and friends. Let’s give ourselves time to leave this tech-savvy world for a few hours, to live in the moment, to love fully and to let go of that constant worrying and judging.

I raise a glass to you, to the wonderful person you are.

We can do this.

We achieve an amazing amount each day. Now is the time to give ourselves the credit we deserve.

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  1. “Instead of aiming for perfection, try for peace in all that you do. Aim for joy, for the knowledge that you are truly living the life you have come here for and being the most authentic version of yourself that you can.”

    Every perfectionist, manager, workaholic and entrepreneur needs this hanging on their wall. That is an awesome quote!!!

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  2. I have made it a priority in my own life to take out for self care. I need it. I’ve seen my life when I neglect myself and it is not “good”; in fact it hinders my ability to manifest, which is something I do not want!

    Thank you for the reminder. Much love!

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      It sounds like you’re ahead of most in learning this lesson CricketSong. I can completely see what you mean about it impacting your ability to manifest. I think when we don’t look after ourselves we’re more likely to focus on the things we don’t want, which can lead to us manifesting our fears instead of our dreams.

  3. Self care especially for mothers like myself is always something that is put on the back burner because of the need to care for others. It really is a requirement to stay healthy of mind body and soul.

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      I agree Tara. It’s so hard to find time to look after yourself, but if you don’t, you are less able to really care for others. There are no easy answers. I expect we all need a mind shift in order to allow ourselves to say no more often, and to put ourselves first once in a while.

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