Avalon: Myth, Magic & the Divine Feminine

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I’ve always loved the Mists of Avalon, Marian Zimmer Bradley’s most famous book. I read it as a teenager and it took me to a different reality, one that has always stayed with me. I remember being distinctly disappointed that Priestess of Avalon wasn’t an actual job I could aim for.

I haven’t read the book in years, but recently I have found myself being drawn back into thoughts of Avalon and the Triple Goddess that lies at the heart of the story. I’ve also had a hankering to make my first visit to Glastonbury, and I don’t mean the music festival. But what is the draw? And what did Marion Zimmer Bradley tap into when she wrote that classic story? Did Avalon ever truly exist?

The Light Circle had this to say:

“Avalon did have a physical place in your dimension for a time. But when the world polarised between two different spiritual approaches, the masculine and feminine based ideologies, a major split took place, spiritually and emotionally.

“As you are aware, decisions come with multiple possible outcomes. When you take a decision, you live out the version of your future determined by the choice you made, whilst somewhere, other versions of you live out the alternative outcomes.

“So it was with Avalon. Given the spiritual nature of the inhabitants, the high priestess at that time took the decision to split her world from the emerging reality of the masculine based God Archetype. She felt her order of the divine feminine, that based its workings on the threefold mother goddess of virgin, mother and wise woman, could not at that time function alongside the incoming energy. So she took a preemptive decision to split the dimensions and they were removed in bodily form.

“This was unusual energy work, an old kind of magic that tapped into the energy of the earth and was born out of love, love of the goddess and love of the people she chose to save. It was powerful in its manifestation and has rippled down the centuries. Nowhere has this ripple been felt more strongly than in Glastonbury, where the Isle of Avalon used to reside in physical glory.

“In this time of Ascension, the earth is moving away from a polarised masculine based divinity and into the consciousness of the divine feminine, and the importance of the melding of the two into an equal and balanced unity.

“Avalon held the manifestation of this unity, by embodying the energy of the Triple mother goddess, and working alongside the Druids as representatives of the divine masculine, her eternal partner. Working together, but always reveling in their sacred differences, these two opposite halves of the same coin came to an understanding that has now been lost, an understanding of the innate power that lies in a true manifestation of perfectly balanced masculine and feminine energies.

“Here was a feminine power that many women now seek to reclaim as their heritage, their connection with the divine and the raw power of Gaia, mother earth.

“Here was a spirituality of direct connection and communion with the goddess, and that is the pull of Avalon. That is the loss that many women feel and the craving to regain their balance and their reliance on wisdom that comes from within.

“Avalon was not perfect, but it held something special within its leafy domes. It held something that, in your Ascension process, you are seeking to reclaim.”

Not perfect, I’m sure. Nothing ever is, because there is always the opportunity for development, for raising the vibration further and coming to a deeper understanding of the potential available to us in the Universe. But I feel there is wisdom lurking in this myth of Avalon, which is there for us to reclaim in whatever way appeals to us.

In many cases, it comes mainly through stories, that form that is often undervalued, but in fact reaches into our hearts and creates realities which offer greater ranges of possibility than we have yet realised. These realities exist in an energy sense, and are there for us to tap into, and to draw learning from.

The physical presence or proof of Avalon feels to me the least important aspect of this energy. What matters, is what it can bring to our lives and its potential to act as a key to trigger aspects of the divine feminine in ourselves that have become so discredited over the course of history.

There is power in our femininity, and I’m not talking about sexual power. I’m talking about intuition, about empathy, about that ability to transcend the physical, logical paths of humanity, to reach a higher, more watery level of flow. This is not restricted to women, but is a manifestation of divine feminine energy that is available to all.

All that is needed to begin to access these frequencies, is the intention to move forward in this direction, to tap into the energy and move for a time in the watery, intuitive energies of the magical Isle of Avalon and the triple fold goddess that she worshipped.

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  1. Wonderful blog Martha – love it. I have felt the returning feminine energy for some years, and feel it is part of our return to a more peaceful world, because of our own growing inner peace.

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  2. Martha, I love this!! You should definitely visit Glastonbury, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂 The energy in the Goddess Temple is incredible, and at Chalice Well as well! 🙂 There’s definitely a shift occurring as more and more of us are embracing our feminine energy! <3 xxx

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  3. Delightful and imaginative! I love What your “Inner Circle” Brings up for you. So insightful!One way I have learned to connect with the goddess i thru connecting to all my emotions.That’s how I find and touch inner peace. To mei inner peace is not so much a goal as it is a journey.By listening to our emotions and our intuition We are guided to Inner Peace As a whole.Keep shining your light Martha! Thanks for sharing XOXO

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  4. I, too, feel there is wisdom lurking within the myth of Avalon. I resonate with that energy so greatly at this point in my personal spiritual path that there are times that when I hear Avalon mentioned or I read something pertaining to it, I feel an aching deep within me that is difficult to full articulate.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I greatly appreciate it. Much love!

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  5. That’s one of my favorite books too, and the miniseries was outstanding. I’ve always felt that it really existed, and I’m pleased that your Light Circle confirmed this. They always have such amazing information and energy to share, don’t they? Thanks for another wonderful blog Martha!

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